Friday, 29 June 2012

Tic Tac Duo de Fraises

We think we got ourselves a little UK exclusive on this. French Tic-Tac flavour that should be coming to the UK soon. What? You heard. I got more contacts than specsavers homes. Don't doubt it

8080 0019 up in this bitch. Holla

Wow. This is crazy. I didn't even know there was 2 different types of Strawberry. This set me straight on a few things now I'm going to lay that down for you.

So there's 2 strawberrys right and this is where it's mad. Both of them are feeling like alone right and things aren't going as well for them as they had once dreamed. One of them is a career focussed 30 something who is madly in love with her boss right and the other one who I think is Cameron Diaz is like more of a party girl but deep down she's lonely and stuff and there's shoes and...ohh no that's the move In Her Shoes again. I keep doing that at the minute.

So there's 2 strawberrys right, pfft yeah we all knew that man right and I always go down to tescos and when they say stawberrys half-price I say yeah but which type? The pink ones or the lighter pink ones, and TicTac decided man I don't want people to have to chose which strawberry they like the most lets just bung them both into a little box. That's part of the reason the Euro Zone is so fucked is thinking like that btw but in this case they've hit upon something pretty good.

Individually they taste nice, one is a bit sharper than the other but together there is a proper depth of flavour. I really liked these, a lot and I'm worried because previously I thought that Tic Tacs were the product for effeminate europeans. This must mean that I'm slowly evolving into one of Owen Wilsons most well known characters...David Guetta. Shit man. That's a hard pill to swallow or it would be if it didn't taste of 2 different type of stawberry.



Mike and Ike Cotton Candy

DING DING. Time to get my fairground on. Roll up Roll up you marks and come and see if you can remove my coconuts.

Cotton Candy in a bag. This is what the 21st Century was meant to be. Here's the thing they decided that they would just slap 3 different flavours into this bag and hey it's a pretty nice, though very BRIGHT, bag. Check it out.

It smells incredible. Sugar rush up your nose type deal.

The flavours are good. Cherry was the standout for me and it smacks bang of the same flavour as the jelly beans, the lemon and lime are the support act really I think. All of them do pack a punch though and if you can power through the sugar wall you will probably hit about 2/3 of the way through the bag you'll be doing well.

In terms of nutritional values well listen you're not getting anything good right but you're not getting anything that's too bad for you. Zero fat and calorie wise this bag, which is a lot of eating, clocks in at 300 calories which is about the same as some small chocolate bars.

The only downside is this bit. May contain the 3 flavours? That's some bullshit if you have 3 flavours on the package you should have the 3 flavours in the bag. What's the manufacturing issue with that? You just lost yourselves a mark boys.

All in all though this is a pretty awesome product. It's insanely sweet so hits any sweet tooth cravings you might have but isn't horrendous in terms of calories or fat etc. All in all yeah I think you need to get yourself some.

Following people supply

Stateside Candy Co were the people who fufilled our order previously but seem currently out of stock.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

KX Tropical


We back on the energy drink train.

Remember we have reviewed KX before and it was a bit samey. It feels like Tesco were trying to get an inhouse energy drink with a bit of brand appeal rather than creating a drink that deserves some brand appeal.

They've launched some new flavours and we're testing some of them out. First up is the tropical

It's a lovely looking can. You got to give them that. Aesthetically I think they are scoring very high.

Flavour wise. It's interesting but not immediately identifiable. There's general tropicalness going on in my mouth but whether it's mango or mango and a hint of passion fruit I don't know. I think that's the general area they are going for. It's alright and it's cheap.

As a lower price end drink it's pretty alright and you could do a lot worse.

What they should have done

Just energized Um Bongo. I would be all over that.

Rowntrees Fruit Bottles

When I was a young man in short trousers I would often bother my parents for sweets. GIVE ME SWEETS GIVE ME SWEETS. Being of large cartoonish features and massive face I found it quite easy to manipulate them into buying me said sweets. Rowntrees know all about that sort of shit man, they master in it. What they want to do know is start to play the parents from another angle. We know that you know that we know that they kids want sweets but we know that you want like healthy sweets right and we know that you know that the kids won't know that these sweets are good for them.

That's the sort of stuff they are on now. They want to trick parents into thinking that these sweets are not only really good for you but because they are you are back in charge.


They're not really good enough to trick children.

They also really upset me. Cola bottles, cherry cola bottles and bubblegum bottles are in terms of sweets pretty much perfect. That takes that idea and says hey lets do other flavours. Orangeade maybe, cherryade, raspberryade and the like right? That should be amazing. They aren't really. The strength of flavour doesn't come through the gelatin for me and they all kind of tasted the same. I think it's meant to be an answer to natural confectionery company but in an individual bag, it just kind of falls flat.

Hey little jonny do you want those fruit bottles again.

Jelly Tots bitch.

I mean Rowntree's you already got Jelly Tots. Don't be greedy son.

Banana Soft Drink - McDaids


Yes you may have noticed we just came back from a bit of a break there without so much as a hello or whatever. We are the deadbeat dads of the blog world. We would apologies but you wouldn't believe it and we probably wouldn't mean it so how about we just buy you a my little pony and a ice cream and you can just get yourself knocked up to get back at us? Deal? Ok

Right so part of the reason we went away was I had a big St Paddys day thing planned. I had tracked down the famous football special and would be dancing down the streets when I finally got it. Epic right. Well sadly not due to a mix up with the order I somehow ended up not with a mix box of 3 of their fantastic flavours but instead a single box of the 1 flavour I was a bit terrified of. Banana.

I wont lie to you, I could have cried when it showed up. I was really down in the dumps about the whole thing and so it came as a bit of a surprise when the packaging managed to raise a little wry smile from me.

That's an awful picture. I thought it was blurry because of the tears in my eyes but instead it was because I'm a moron. It's a little blurb sort of suggesting that they have a banana plantation in Donegal Ireland. It's the kind of whimsical stuff that I'm a bit of a sucker for so I decided I would try this out.

Look at it. That's a quality product and a quality Irish product as well so that's lovely stuff all round. I wasn't expecting much from it. Banana is something you would more often found in dairy based drinks like smoothies or milshakes than in a soft drink and you think to yourself  there kind of has to be a reason for that right?

Maybe. The thing is though this is more like foam banana sweets than the actual fruit. In a fantastic way. It evokes the same sort of memories of childhood that something like the Rhubarb and Custard from Marks and Spencers did.

It's really sweet and it tastes artificial but it's kind of charming.

 Here's another point it's really quite drinkable as well. It's not just for quirk or shock factor, there's something really fundamentally right about this drink.

This is normally the point in which we would give it a score or a picture of seal but no not this time. We feel this is such a strange little oddity of a drink that we would like your opinions on it. Also we really want to buy your affection but we have no money. We have a few bottles left in Fizzness towers and we're willing to send them out to some UK blog followers here to get your impression of them and maybe even see if you can come up with a good cocktail?

Drop us a line on our twitter or facebook and we'll get details off you. First come first served!

Local Alternatives - Nestle Flipz

You remember Flipz right? Of course you do everybody does. They were one of those things that people now get hazy eyed about. I think we all kind of got into them when they were first released then got over them a little. What's been left is that nostalgia vacuum with the desire for them to return to the UK building and them becoming an increasingly popular sight in import stores.

Look at them in their lovely blue glory well if you're craving them and don't want to have to import yourself or go via a specialist store I've got a suggestion for you. A local supermarket has their own label chocolate covered pretzel. That's right buddy. Check these out. POW POW

So these come in quite a dark chocolate so if you're craving white chocolate ones you're either going to keep importing or start asking Mark and his brother Spencer to sort you out right and they are decent lads and a cracking badminton team so they might do that for you.

The most important thing to tell you is they are salted and yes that's important. Not just because salting caramel and chocolate is very in right now but because it's giving you that real strong packing flavour you deserve. Salt and Sweet as they always say in Man vs Food is what you crave. You crave these. If you have ever missed Flipz you owe it to yourself to go and try these out. If you are intrigued by this salted chocolate thing that's going a bit mad at the minute these might be your gateway into that. Excellent product and a cost savvy alternative to importing.

Alright hands up who wants one?

Even Key ring Lucky Cat is on this guys. You better get to stepping before he gets to stepping

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

100 PLUS

So this drink did something pretty amazing to me. I'm not going to lie I'm a wild child and I have had some isotonic drinks before. In my early days I may have even dabbled in a bit of lucozade sport. Then I had me some of this stuff right here

Get this right. This is grapefruit flavour and I still liked it a lot. It's lightly carbonated and that's great it tastes like good right but it's the can that's done something weird to me.

It's awoken something 80's in me and it feels rad. I'm Ferris Beuller up in this joint but no much more than that I'm sporty, I'm like a sporty wrecking ball. Something that epitomizes all that was right with the 1980's.


Yeah that's right. This drink is the Ivan Drago of drinks.

Hawaiian Splash Beenies Jelly Beans

Jelly beans. I love Jelly Beans and I think most people do as shown by the popularity of Mike and Ike these days and well Jelly Belly I guess. I found a new brand in a local deli and was tempted to try them out. First things first they sort of evoke Mike and Ike to you. There's not a massive amount of similarities in packaging but enough to get something ticking at the back of your mind and the flavour blends seem pretty consistent too.

So what do they look like then

Nice packet. As I said they remind me a bit of Mike and Ike possibly because I'm unaware of many jelly beans being sold in packets this size and shape before them.

What do they taste like? In a word.. Great. Some of the flavours are fantastic personal favourites were Coconut, Passion Fruit and Watermelon. These tropical sweets are great.

So what's special about them. Well they make a big deal about being Vegetarian and suitable for Celiacs so it's nice they are willing to call these things out and carve themselves a nice. I enjoyed them a lot and will be looking to try other flavours soon.

Keep an eye out

Tayto Titanic Corn Snacks

So we're getting closer to some Titanic centenary events here in Belfast and it seems that uncontent with releasing the stellar hand-cooked potato chips on us recently( ), Tayto have also released yet more Titanic themed snacks. This time it's a corn based snack which is aimed at a lower price point than those hand-cooked delights before

Now as it's a different snack and different price point etc it would be unfair to draw too many parallels here I guess. One is a prestige model and line and the other is more functional I guess, so it's probably best to consider it in relation to other snacks of it's ilk. That would be I guess Monster Munch or Transform-A-Snack.

These are in essence Salt and Vinegar Monster Munch but with a nautical slant. What's more they are very good as well. I'm not sure you need to hear much more than that really. They are tied into the titanic with some bits about the engineering of the ship and some facts. I know a lot of people feel really strongly about people profiting on what happened to the ship but , maybe this is just with me being a local, I still think there's a lot of pride hear about what was built and what it meant at the time. The Titanic is , this isn't meant in a bad way, almost the perfect story arc not in terms of the end result and the huge number of people that lost their lives but as a story it has almost everything and it resonates with people still to this day. Do I think a corn snack is a fitting tribute to the lives of those people? No of course not, but it's not meant to be I don't think it's to let people know that we as a City are still proud of what was built here.

I think they're a great snack and worth trying if you're over in Northern Ireland any point this year.  If you're only going to have 1 titanic themed snack it probably shouldn't be this one as the hand-cooked are exceptional and as odd as it seems feel like more of a prestige product.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Coke and Pepsi Recipe Change

In what seems a bit like terrifying news on the surface Coke and Pepsi are mandating a recipe change to avoid a cancer warning label on their products thanks to Californian law.

The facts paint a slightly less scary picture. It is restricted to the caramel colouring used by both products and the changes are underway now.

A Coca-Cola representative said "While we believe that there is no public health risk that justifies any such change, we did ask our caramel suppliers to take this step so that our products would not be subject to the requirement of a scientifically unfounded warning,"

There's inication that 1,000 cans a day would need to be drunk to reach the levels that showed links to cancer in animal testing.

So hopefully this latest scare is just that and there's nothing more sinister to it but if you are interested more can be read at

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Pepsi Max Wild Cherry


What are the best Quests of all time?

Lord of the Rings?
Fievel goes West?
Herbie Goes Bannanas?
Laser Quest?

No. None of those, well maybe Laser Quest, but instead my quest and single minded drive to get some Pepsi Max Wild Cherry. I heard people giggling all over twitter OMG IT DIS LIKES A LIQUID BAKEWELL TART BRUV or NOW THAT I HAVE HAD THE WILD CHERRY PEPSI I CAN FEEL LOVE IN MY HEART FOR THE FIRST TIME. I was angry. I was lashing out. I didn't know where I could get me some of this. I tried like maybe 3 or 4 shops. I know right. I tried asking Pepsi people on twitter but my desperate tears broke my keyboard. I felt alone and abandoned until I found it. I finally found it. After months of searching I found it. Where did I find it? Ohh a small independent store. What was it called you say? err ASDA something like that

I walked into this ASDA store and slinked past the forest of pre-packed salad guarded by the chattering old women. Through the frozen wasteland of the pizza peninsula being careful not to alert the slope browed worker men of my presence.

Into the lost world of FIZZY DRINK AISLE and there I spotted it. SHAMBALA

The quest was not over like as I had to queue at the self-service tills then go home. EPIC. They are turning it into a movie with Kevin Sorbo playing me.

So I get this back to Fizzness Towers and I have Fizzy G round. This is a big moment in our adult lives. We are both a little addicted to Pepsi Max so a new flavour is kind of a big deal. Then the fear hits. Shit we built this up a lot. A lot. What if it's not good. What if it's a bit of a dissapointment like the Wild Cherry Pepsi import we picked up

We cracked it open. It was ice cold, hey you no necrophelia wise cracks alright, and the smell was intoxicating. Then we tasted it. AMAZE BALLS.

This is better than Wild Chery Pepsi USA and what's more this better than nearly every single cherry drink on the market. How does it stand up against Cherry Coke you ask. Well that's a hell of a question. Taste wise I would say it's almost a dead tie then you remember this one has like no calories.



I love this drink.




St.Patricks Day Preview


One week to St.Patricks day and we're gearing up to review some of the island of irelands best soft drinks in a special next week. Including (hopefully) the much fabled FOOTBALL SPECIAL.

That's right.

To keep you topped up until then check out these special Nike SB Dunks. They are called Guinness and inspired by the black stuff. Can't think of much I would rather be rocking on my feet on Saturday week

Credit on Pictures to Sneaker News :

Rodeo Energy

Going to keep this short. Rodeo Energy Drink has that Guarana taste that Red Bull has. It's hard for me to say if it's better or worse than Red Bull. I think it's probably about the same. I find a lot of these drinks taste really similar. Maybe I need to sit down and actually try a few at the same time and find little nuances like there would be with Cola but to be honest I'm not sure I want to. With a lot of energy drinks you feel the taste is secondary right? That's dissapointing. This drink is not bad in any way, it doesn't feel special in anyway either. It's just another one of the red bull clones. It's a Mr. Me Too

Brisk Mango and Dragonfruit

We're back and we're hoping to hit things up at a Brisk pace again.

For those of you in the know Brisk is Liptons non-carbonated fruit drink range. We've reviewed a few of them before and they normally hit the spot quite well, they also have insanely well designed cans. This is definitely the case with their Mango and Dragonfruit infused green tea drink

Green Lantern theme? What? Exactly. It's a sensational can and it speaks to you. You've been chosen by this can. I'm not a massive fan of ice tea really or any tea so I had my suspicions that it probably wouldn't be sweet enough for me or I wouldn't really enjoy the tea kick that would come through.

I was wrong.

The taste is fantastic and smooth. The mango really hits quite hard and as discussed with the Frugo product it's quite hard to properly grasp the taste of Dragonfruit. So we're kind of left with Mango green tea who claims to be a 2nd generation immigrant from Dragonfruitopia.

I've been going back and forth over whether to award this the seal of approval. I was a little dissapointed that the dragon fruit flavour was weak but I don't know if I can blame them for it as I think that might just be down to the dragonfruit itself. It's made me enjoy a tea blended soft drink and that seems pretty special to me. So for that reason as my personal favourite tea blended soft drink I guess it needs the seal right?

Yeah it gets it. Recommended.

You can cop this at americanfizz if interested

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Fizzy G : Mountain Dew Throwback vs Fizzy G

Fizzy G has been lying low since his Christmas escapades. It seems shooting your father is frowned upon, he took it all rough and hit the fizz pretty hard and now he's thinking about cleaning his act up and, GULP, maybe stop reviewing fizzy drinks.

Say it ain't so Fizzy G

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Tayto Titanic

2012 marks the centenary of the Titanics fateful journey. Now here in Belfast we're very proud of the fact that we built what was at the time a sensational piece of engineering and  ship that's lived longer in the memory than most. This year is a big year in Belfast with the opening of the landmark new visitor centre being the centre-point of a big year planned for the local tourist board.

This has lead to local Crisp company Tayto launching a commemorative bag of hand cooked lightly salted crisps.

The bag itself is Titanic, I heard the groans I promise it's the only time I use that, weighing in at a whopping 150g. I love the design actually and it certainly makes it stand out from the crowd in your local store.

The crisps are luxurious. Hand-cooked will craft images of kettle chips to you and that's not far away except these don't have that sort of greasy sheen on them of other hand-cooked crisps also they aren't as rigid as some. Maybe it's just me but some hand-cooked kettle chip style crisps almost shatter on biting and you get these rock hard shards that then stab at the lining of your mouth. These aren't like that. They have a really reassuring bite and texture to them. You also can't taste any sort of fat or anything akin to that from them. Seasoning is spot on here too with large grains of what seems like Sea Salt but there's not too much of it. It doesn't dry your mouth out or dull your taste buds it's just enough to have you craving more and more and more of these crisps.

These crisps somehow manage to ooze prestige and luxury without trying too hard. Fantastic. Like the ill-fated ship they also went down a bit too easy. Urgh even I feel a bit repulsed by that joke.


To find out more about what's planned in Northern Ireland this year visit the following link


I sample a delightful drink called Portemo from a local soft drink manufacturer Maine. I think the first thing to say is the bottle itself is a work of art. The kind of camp font on the label and the fantastic thick glass bottle combine to give you something that feels a bit special.

The next thing is a confession. I don't really know what Portemo is. If you search the internet you don't find much information. The name doesn't mean a lot to me as a local so I decided to dig a bit more. I believe this is a version of a drink called Portello which is local to the United Kingdom but now lives it life in sunnier climes like Sri Lanka and Australia.

Now I have never had Portello so this is a guess and it will remain only a guess unless I can get a Sri Lankan colleague to confirm for me there is a similarity. Why you might ask the name change, I found a cryptic blog that indicates Coca-Cola owns the trademark for the name Portello so this would go some way to explain the change in identity.

Now onto the maine version itself

As you can see from the photo it has a really lush deep purple colour to it. The smell of it is berry, strong berry. To me I would guess raspberry and blackcurrant as there is a definite Vimto note to it. Taste wise again there are similarities to Vimto but sweeter. It's highly carbonated which is common with Maine and this makes it really crisp and light. It's a real winner.

Really nice drink but one which still has questions over it's true identity.

If you are from Northern Ireland I would recommend trying this out. Maine is having a bit of a resurgence lately and is available in a lot of convenience stores.

Rocky Road Rice Krispie Square

Rice Krispie squares eh. Bloody great bunch of lads in my view. Not only have they managed to market and sell something that is quite easy to make but they've done such a good job of it that nobody even thinks anything of it. I like them, a lot. I think the Caramel one is probably my favourite of the branded ones and so I was quite happy to see a Rocky Road flavour in a local shop.

I probably should have left it there. Now the make up of this treat is a bit different to what I would normally think of as rocky road. It's white chocolate, marshmallow, raisin, shortbread and milk chocolate. I know the thing with Rocky Road is there's so many variations so I can't really take issue with this collection on ingredients but I did feel the white chocolate was going to get a little lost.

That probably wasn't the case actually I had a lot of the chocolate on the top so it definitely held it's own but the shortbread biscuit on the other hand was such a disappointment. Flavour wise it was good but texture wise it just confused the whole thing. You have a bit of crunch and bite from the Rice Krispies themselves so the biscuit just kind of is screaming me too me too and ends up being annoying. The marshmallow is used to bind the Krispies together but you feel a bit short changed. Rocky Road should have chunks of marshmallow and the texture of only marshmallow right? Isn't that one of few consistencies with all the varieties.

I'll be honest I was only this disappointed because I like the other varieties of these a lot. This did feel like a dud thought. Real shame

Do yourself a favour if you get a rocky road craving go to Marks and Spencers buy one of these tubs and just be happy

Why do you think they call it Fruit Juice?

So I was watching Celebrity Juice, yeah I'm beginning to think I might have been programmed to like things with the word juice in them ok, and the idents for want of a better term are for Oasis drink.

Nothing odd there you say. Coca-Cola have been pushing Oasis a bit recently but it's in an odd place isn't it. They don't want to sell it as a healthy option right as it's quite high in sugar so they decided to take it in the direction of hinting that it was having sex with a lot of food.

* the eagle eyed among you will notice this isnt the celebrity juice adverts. Can't find them at the minute. Point still stands.

Yep. Now that's weird but what's really weird about it is, this isn't the first time someones done that. Take a look at this advert for Fruice

So why do people want to indicate that their juice likes to have sex with food. Is the thought of a baked potato getting a different kind of stuffing supposed to make me want a drink. Don't get me wrong I'm sure we've all found a sandwich or a scotch egg to be sexy in the past but it's not making me thirsty right? So then it struck me the problem is they don't want you to think Fruit Juice indicates anything about your sexual preference. It's kind of a you are what you drink scenario I think. The juice does protest too much I think. I mean think about it in all these adverts do the juice drinks ever go for same sex companions? Didn't think so.

You know what though it's ok drink companies I think most of us realise that fruit juices aren't only the drink of choice of homosexuals.

So to any advertisers reading this blog, it's ok we get it. Fruit Juices are not gay. Thanks.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Alinamin V Drink

This isn't a review, this is an answer to a cry for help. A weak minded friend of ours was in tears the other day. I put my manly arms around him and said "HUSH WHY THE TEARS" and he looked me deep in the eyes and said "My long search for a specific drink has left me feeble of mind and painful of heart"

So I did what anyone could do and laughed at him. Later that night in Fizzness towers I was amazed to find my usual easy sleep was disturbed by those haunting words and so I decided to help a brother out.

This is the information he had for me. A youtube clip featuring Arnie. This advert was apparently pulled from a lot of sources and made the terminator a very unhappy man. This is only one of a series of adverts

Yeah just soak that up. I question why a grown man has become so fixated for the advert but that's a conversation we will save for another time.

So other youtube videos indicate this is Alinamin V energy drink a B vitamin energy drink. Wikipedia is failing me a bit on this name.

So I found a store selling them though but I'm not quite sure what they are yet.. er

What I do know is
  • For supplementation at the time of the physical fatigue!
  • Nutrition and invigoration, weak constitution

And really isn't that enough? Ohh no wait that's not enough they supposedly contain nicotine, according to my good pal anyway and there is an ingredient named nicotinic acid included in the list. Looking into that as bit more I found the following

Niacin was first discovered from the oxidation of nicotine to form nicotinic acid. When the properties of nicotinic acid were discovered, it was thought prudent to choose a name to dissociate it from nicotine, in order to avoid the perception that vitamins or niacin-rich food contains nicotine. The resulting name 'niacin' was derived from nicotinic acid + vitamin."

So I don't think the rumours of this nictone fueled energy drink really hold up to much but I guess when we get him some we can get him to confirm or deny.
In the ingredient list we also found  Ethanol hehe. These do sound pretty healthy I guess so will probably go about ordering some soon

Is anyone aware of any other stockists or suppliers who might be able to help us out rather than getting hit with £30 postage? Does anyone want us to try and source or find other drinks? Let us know

Can't help but feel he'll be coming to me with this next

Brisk Strawberry and Melon

Up today we have another flavour from the people of unilever. It's again from their Brisk range of non-carbonated soft drinks but this time we've something a little different.

Now I enjoyed the lemonade and orangeade flavours quite a bit but with them being a) common carbonated drinks and b) common cordial flavours here in the UK it did leave me feeling, not unlike the drinks, flat.

Today is a different type of beast. The flavour today is Strawberry and Melon. Look at it, isn't it a beauty?

I mean that can is something else. I love the artwork on these cans.  They look fantastic and they taste fantastic. This is no exception. I talked about the others being common carbonated drinks well that's not a massive problem here the only one I am familar with that shares this lineage is the incredible Mountain Dew Supernova. Not bad gene pool to share right? Sadly we don't quite hit those heights although I don't think many ever will.

In terms of it being like a cordial well that's not quite as clear here, yes Strawberry is common but the melon flavour, and you can pick up the melon flavour, is what sets it apart. You won't be drinking this feeling like you got mugged off.

I think this is my favourite of the Brisk range so far. I would love to give it the seal of approval but I think Mountain Dew Supernova has maybe set the Strawberry and Melon a bit too high for that.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Now this will come as no suprise but I am no stranger to packing a bag of whoppers.

I don't think anyone in this country is really a stranger to malted balls, it's ok we can say that.

So I got myself a packet of these recently and thought to myself ohh right it's like the American version of Malteesers. Almost but not quite. First thing is the chocolate is Hershey and it works very well on this product. The centre themselves is not just an aerated chocolate seperator oh no it's quite meaty well milky (note to self don't use terms meaty and milky when talking about balls) and it gives them a different kind of vibe entirely.

I actually think I prefer them, maybe it's just because it's different but hey I'm sticking with it. Really hope in the spirit of their Hershey trials that Asda bring these over for a period. Well worth a look guys.

NOTE : Don't do an image search for whoppers. It apparently assumes you want to see large breasts

Fentimans Cherry Tree Cola Update


Cast your mind back to the Summer of 2011. Great times we all agree but do you remember the quest Fizzness started? Of course I do you cry, what sort of moron do you take me for? It was a cry for Fentimans to unleash their much desired Cherry Tree Cola to the UK.


The following was posted on their FB page last week

Fentimans Ltd Fentimans Cherrytree Cola will appear in Fentimans stockists over the coming weeks and will be available in Tesco early March.

YEEEOOO! So officially we can't claim any credit for this happening. Unofficially though the dog who brews fentimans has told me that it is entirely down to Fizzness.


So now that one great quest has come to an end, well we're going to bloody go and start another one. More on that later