Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Now this will come as no suprise but I am no stranger to packing a bag of whoppers.

I don't think anyone in this country is really a stranger to malted balls, it's ok we can say that.

So I got myself a packet of these recently and thought to myself ohh right it's like the American version of Malteesers. Almost but not quite. First thing is the chocolate is Hershey and it works very well on this product. The centre themselves is not just an aerated chocolate seperator oh no it's quite meaty well milky (note to self don't use terms meaty and milky when talking about balls) and it gives them a different kind of vibe entirely.

I actually think I prefer them, maybe it's just because it's different but hey I'm sticking with it. Really hope in the spirit of their Hershey trials that Asda bring these over for a period. Well worth a look guys.

NOTE : Don't do an image search for whoppers. It apparently assumes you want to see large breasts

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  1. I think i need a trip to Asda to try these out and see what else they have, mind you i'm still ploughing my way through the years supply of Hersheys cookies & cream chocolate and Reece's peanut butter cups i won on the asda facebook page when they first started bringing the brands over a few months ago.