Thursday, 29 September 2011

Pepsi Citrus Freeze and Doritos Jalapeno Fire

Few events can get one as excited as the parcel delivery I received on tuesday.

Move over other superheroes we have two new superheroes in town, and at least one of them has some pretty funky ginger curly hair, in my opinion the most super of all hair. Introducing the new Doritos and Pepsi Max flavour, wondrous on their own but together a true gargantuan superpower.

Lets get the aesthetics out of the way first and foremost below shows the packaging of the two new products

The Doritos have a sleek black packet with scorching fire trailblazing across the packet where as the Pepsi Max bottle hasn't change too much aside from a green lid and green font on the label. The Pepsi bottle is 600ml for anyone wondering.

To make things interesting I assumed the role of a super villain crazed by blood lust and a desire for fizzy drinks. I cackled as I cast the Pepsi Max Citrus to my chilled box of death to await his death when he had reached the optimum temperature and turned my attention to the crunchy little ginger fellow that was with him.

I cackled with maniacal laughter as landed a crushing blow opening the bag and showing the pretenders tasty entrails. A strong scent filled the air, similar to that of Flaming Hot Monster Munch so without trepidation I attacked scoffing a handful of the Doritos. I was met with a flavour closer to Flamin Hot Monster Munch than the other chilli Doritos with what felt like the tingle of citrus. It was like a flame roasted salsa but then came the bit I wasn't expecting, the action that rocked me and turned this encounter on it's head, genuine heat. Not horrible hot, not something that would put you off the crisps but something that's a background heat and rouses your tongue from it's hum-drum slumber.

With my senses rocked and my mouth tingling with heat I decided I needed to end this so I was transported to my ICE PRISON to fetch the Green prisoner. This wasn't going to be drawn out the last skirmish with his partner had left me worried and shaken I needed to end this quickly before anymore suprises snuck up on me.

I looked him right in the eye, under the watchful gaze of my vanilla cupcake candle henchman (err ignore that please I got a rep to maintain), Lime flavoured eh? Reckon you can somehow simulate the taste of a nice slice of fruit in my cola? You're not in a cafe now son, many have tried and most have failed *COUGH COKE WITH LEMON COKE WITH LEMON COUGH* I am disgusted with you and I won't take any pleasure in this....or so I thought.

I opened the Pepsi Max victory was sure to be mine and took a gulp. A slight kick of lime comes of it but it's slight enough that it doesn't taste chemically and artificial, perhaps it's because of Pepsi Maxs normal flavour notes that it feels more at home but this is a really sensationally well done coke with citrus product and then came the bit I was not prepared for. The stunning 1-2 that brought me to my knees, the ice cold Pepsi soothed my tongue and eased the eat, for a second before the citrus took over and then kind of tickles it. I see why they have the imagery of the fire and ice. The Doritos start the fire and it's this citrus ice that kind of sneaks up on you, first of all it's the coldness and that's fantastic and then because you're relaxing the little kick of citrus works brilliantly.

Honest impressions of both I would say
Doritos :- Great. My new favourite flavour of Doritos. If this is only a short term product I can already nod you in the direction of a replacement. The fire roasted chilli tortilla chips from Marks and Spencers rock a similar vibe. 8/10 really tasty

Pepsi Citrus Freeze :- I was worried. Coke and Citrus normally doesn't work but somehow here it does. I think it subtly adds to the Pepsi Max flavour but I would wonder how well it may translate if it's not really cold. When cold it's great, it's a great addition and could be very interesting alongside mexican food with its lime flavour. 9/10

So what's next

Well as you can probably read there's going to be an online comic book that follows the two heroes and there is going to be a competition running in the uk to win a trip to Vegas or Iceland (assuming not the supermarket). See their website for details on that

From a completely nerdy point of view would I be the only one willing to rock a t-shirt? I really like the artwork. That box is something I'm going to keep for a long time as it reminded me of the day I met my match, a 1-2 combination from snack food superheroes that left me reeling.


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