Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Karibbean Kola

WHO AM I? THIS ISNT MY FACE! Not my words but the words of an innocent soft drink who appears to have had his identity stolen in a Cage/Travolta Face-off type way. This is the odd case of Karibbean Kola, that's right genuine KOLA from the KARIBBEAN.

I picked up a bottle of each of KAs flavours this week from my local tesco but was most excited about this Kola. One 500ml bottle seems to indicate it would account for something like 80% of my daily recommended sugar intake. How could this be a bad thing you ask! What could go wrong...... I'm not sure it's cola.

I opened the bottle and took a smell expecting the wonderous hit you get from a nice cola flavour but no this was a little different. It didn't smell like cola at all, infact it sort of smelt like those tremendous teeth destroying life affirming chew bars you used to get as a child. Never mind I said perhaps I'm getting phantom smell syndrome from too many blows to the head and so sampled the nectar inside. Err confused. This doesn't taste like cola at all, it tastes like Irn Bru.


I check the back and low and behold it's only made by AG BARR isn't it! I love Barr, I am really happy to see a return of their cans to a few local convenience stores as they always pack a flavour but for me this is all a bit confusing.

Can anyone shed any light on this? Is it popular in the Caribbean community? I mean this was in the world food aisle of the supermarket yet as far as I can tell it's made by a scottish company and only sold here in the UK.

This was an odd dissapointment. Anyone else only able to taste Irn Bru?


  1. Just bought some and agree. Initially reminded me a bit of dandilion and burdoc its not the nicest drink.

  2. http://dintre-noutati.blogspot.ro/2014/04/ka-sparkling-karibbean-kola-flavour.html KA in Romania!

  3. Does anyone now the 'kaffeine kontent' in this one please?