Thursday, 8 September 2011

Rockstar Energy Cola

Rockstar energy cola. It looks like this

I'll be honest this is a cool looking can and it's a 500ml can so it towers above most others. It's the kind of thing that a designated driver you could get away with drinking at a house party without looking like a dick. That's a good thing, a really good thing.

Now onto the important bit how does it taste? Well that's hard to say, do you judge as a cola or as an energy drink?

As a cola it's maybe a little soft tasting. It tastes like a carbonated tip top or big time cola drink carton. Remember those things? Amazing. So it's not a bad taste, far from it it's nice and as an energy drink it's quite good that it doesn't slap your face about in an effort to gee you up. So we're kind of in a quandry as a cola I think you could do better for an impactful cola taste but as an energy drink it's mild enough thats its genuinely drinkable without face contrortions on every sip.

It's probably fairest to stand it up against Red Bull Cola, and whilst the flavour isnt as strong as the Reb Bull version it's preferrable. At a time were Red Bull are pulling their Cola from the US market we have a drink that's maybe found a way to make an energy cola a realistic drink.

That's pretty cool. This drink is pretty cool and I think I might be starting to change my impression on Energy Drinks

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