Monday, 19 September 2011

Old Jamaica Ginger Beer

Hello back from holiday. Well I am back, Gerry wasn't with me as we don't holiday together. We did once and I still cannot handle the smells of Peach Schnapps, just realising how homo-erotic our holiday is now sounding. Err no comment

This week I conclude my quest for the best ginger beer and after my disappointment at Levi Roots’ Fiery Urine (he best get a test) I thought I’d give the Caribbean another chance to represent yo, thankfully I did as this drink restored my faith in all things ginger.

I know next to nothing about Old Jamaica Ginger Beer other than I’ve seen it popping up in quite a few places, so assume its doing well, and that it has one ugly looking can.

Seriously it looks like a can of supermarket own-brand special brew larger and the 2 Litre bottle look even worse, like the kind of plastic cider bottle that old trampy Jimmy used to swig from as he ran his hand through his curlies in the street.

But as your mother always told you it’s what’s inside that counts (Jimmy had the soul of an angel) and inside this ugly can is one beautiful drink. The ginger is spicy, very spicy actually but never over powering and is complimented with the right amount of sweetness. There is a nice fruity tang too but it’s quite subtle so never gets in the way and nor does the lovely low level of carbonation.

Everything just works together so well it feels effortless and relaxed and after a hard days work it really went down a treat. This is exactly what a ginger beer should be, relaxing, comforting, something that evokes a childhood spent in a Victorian seaside resort or in this case Trenchtown Kingston.

Compared to the Barr’s (cheap and cheerful) and Levi Roots (bland) this is light years ahead and has to be considered one of the best ginger beers out there. I cant recommend this one enough, buy it, drink it, and let Jimmy run his hand through your curlies.

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  1. ... but have you tried the 'Light' version? It is truly dreadful (and I'm not that fussy what I drink!)