Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Screme Egg Review

Here at Fizzness we love each other. A lot. I would take a bullet for G-Pez and he took a figurative bullet for me. I saw the cadburys screme egg recently and felt incredibly sad. Since it took a hiding from the Malteeser Bunny and became only the 2nd best Halloween treat going (screw that 3rd Mini Eggs on a roll son) its become a confused depressed husk of a man. Now it's desperately trying to attach itself to the national holiday for perverts, Halloween. How dare you Cadbury. How dare you

Oh look an exciting new variation of the Easter treat that is the Cadburys Crème Egg is out just in time for Halloween (well 8 weeks before)! What a delightful pun they’ve used in the name and what spooky packaging it has, all very seasonal! I wonder what differentiates this from a normal Crème Egg? Oh look it has green goo instead of the usual yellow, and um… that’s it.

Yep it’s a green crème egg, that’s it that’s all ive got, they’ve changed the yellow to green with some food colouring. Brilliant work.

I can understand them bringing out a Halloween themed treat, everyone does it but they could’ve at least made some effort, maybe done a limited edition lime flavour to tie in with the green colouring? Chocolate and lime go together quite well but no, just green dye.

I’m a big fan of the standard Crème Egg it’s an over sweet sugar explosion that can sometimes be too much but it only appears for 3 months a year so everyone tries to eat as many as they can before they disappear. This is a huge part of their charm, their limited availability, something which Cadburys is doing its best to ruin these days. Every year it seems they appear on the shelves earlier and earlier, I’ve seen shops stocking them before Christmas and this is ridiculous. If Crème Eggs were available all year round they wouldn’t be anywhere near as popular and by ever expanding their window of availability they are starting to loose their appeal.

This Halloween edition, with no new flavour at all, seems to be the tipping point into over saturation for me, if I can get a Crème Egg at Halloween, Christmas and Easter where’s the fun? Like a good friend once said (well Gary from Men Behaving Badly): ‘If there’s always biscuits in the tin then where’s the fun in biscuits?’

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