Thursday, 8 September 2011

Jammin Pineapple Drink


This is the sweetest drink I've had in a while. I mean wow it's very very sweet. It's also very very tastey. It somehow tastes sweeter than American Mountain Dew, which is syrup like, and it pounds in at 12.9g of sugar per 100ml. That's 30% more than Coca-Cola and you can taste it.

I have a stupidly sweet tooth though and I liked it. It's very pineappley and I'm not sure of another top notch pineapple drink out there that's available in this size, C&C pineappleade in 2 litre form might just keep the crown though.

This is available in most tescos in the world food isle but if the black grape flavour is there I'ld maybe lean you a bit more towards it

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