Monday, 5 September 2011

Marleys Mellow Moods

I'm not going to lie, I can't these blog posts are taken under oath, when I first saw  Marley's Mellow Mood drinks in the fridges of my local drink emporiums I thought it was another energy drink. It's only on closer inspection that I realised that this couldn't be further from the truth and it was infact THE ANTI-ENERGY DRINK. It's a relaxtion drink to 'reduce stress and relieve tension' so during a particularly gnarling week at work I decided I could maybe do with mellowing out a little.

Ice Cold Can in hand I decided to check the back. May cause drowsyness it says... interesting. Chamomile tea for relaxation and rose hips for vitamin A, B and C. So I opened it up and had a good smell of it. You can smell the lemon coming through a little so I decided to take an extra big swig as the early morning email check had maybe caused a little more tension.

The first thing is the taste is a little odd, it's different and it caught me off guard. It's very botanical and the nearest thing I could say it tasted like would be a whiskey cocktail or something like a hot whiskey with lemon and honey.

It's not very carbonated and you can taste the chamomile tea coming through, the lemon flavour is a bit out there. It tastes almost synthesised or as if you were tasting incense being burned. Does that make sense?

The taste itself isn't unpleasant. It's just so different it takes you a while to adjust to it, I also thought it had quite a powerful kick to the aftertaste, something which funnily enough impacts a lot of energy drinks as well. For me it made the drink a less relaxing experience, the kick of the flavour made each gulp seem a little more charged.

That said and I don't know if it's because I'm very open to suggestion, and I am, but I did feel a bit more relaxed and sleepy. Which was suprising as I didn't expect it to work at all but it did to an extent. I'm considering having a few cans in the house for nights after football or whatever when your body and brain just doesn't want to turn in for the night.

Could this be love? I don't know at the minute we're just jammin and seeing where it takes us. I'm quite keen to try the other flavours and see if there's something a bit closer to what I'm looking for.

Check out their website and if you're a fan join their revolution and celebrate one of the first 'Anti-Energy Drinks'

Great concept, really interesting but not sure if this flavour is fully for me but I did see some results.

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