Thursday, 8 September 2011

Tayto D'Lite Oriental Rib Flavour

Right so according to the Tayto website and the world wide web as a whole these do not exist.

They do exist though as I ate some. I was given them at the IFA office as a bribe I assume for going to watch Northern Ireland lose to Serbia, sometimes it feels like part of the reason for going is the free tayto.

As their existence is denied I do not have an official snap yet so I'll say it looks very like the cheese and onion packet shown below.

I'm a Vegetarian, I know right?, and am a bit weird about meat flavoured crisps. I know, it's silly as I'm not even a 'ethical' vegeterian but still I am a little strange about it so I was pleasantly suprised that the Oriental Rib Flavoured crisps were in fact suitable for vegetarians like myself. The flavour is inspired by the Asian barbecue rub that would be put on the ribs rather than trying to capture the ribs flavour themselves.

I guess this is because they think people might be a little confused by a crisp that was 'Asian Barbecue' flavour.

Right before we get onto the flavour its important to know these are a low calorie snack item so it's only fair that when we judge the taste we compare them to snacks around the same sort of range, the likes of snack-a-jacks/ pomme bears and things of that ilk.

The first thing about the taste that will hit you is aniseed. It's big and it's powerful and it's not going to be for everyone but it's a brilliant way to have the flavour of Chinese 5 Spice that's been cooked. After that there is a sweetness from the paprika and garlic flavourings.

Personally I like it and it's great to see a lower calorie snack that isn't scrimping on flavour. I have a feeling the aniseed might put a few people off but these are definitely worth a try

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