Sunday, 15 January 2012

New Walkers Flavours : Fizzness Preview

It was with great excitement that I took delivery of a little bundle of joy from Walkers Crisps yesterday morning. 3 new flavours and we at Fizzness are among the select few who get to try them out.

So I opened the package to find a nice note from same, the social media face of walkers I guess you would call him and that's when the surprise really hit me. These flavours really are a pretty big deal and they really are a bit of secret. So secret in fact that I haven't been told what they are.... no seriously Check this out

Yep unmarked packets. Not final packaging designs but 3 plain packed bags of crisps with only the subtlest of hints to their flavours. We have

'Spicy Flavour'

'Meaty Flavour'

 'Dairy Flavour'

So I guess I'll tell you what they tasted like, whether I was impressed and lay my paltry reputation on the line by having a guess as to what the flavour is meant to be right?

Spciy Flavour :- My personal favourite of the bunch. Definitely a curry flavour. Mild curry but enough to be noticeable. It's not going to leave you breath heaving of curry but you will get the taste that you would hope from it. Comparable to the really great Chip Shop Curry crisps from Marks and Spencers. I think this is in fact also a Chip Shop Curry or Curry Chip Flavour and it's great. Really great. I would certainly be making a bee-line for these when they make it in stores. No doubt about it. Seal of Approval Material.

Meaty Flavour :- Right this is a bit weird. I'm vegetarian, I can hear the tuts of disgust from here guys, and I kind of don't eat meat flavoured crisps. Not out of principles, I have none after all, but for taste it's not something I normally crave. So that means I reckon this is the one I'm most likely to get way way wrong. These crisps are smokey which makes you think of a barbecue or something like that. There's citrus notes combined with a little garlic and herb there as well but the main taste is Roast Chicken. I did think there was a little chilli note there but my best guess on these is Lemon and Herb Roast/BBQ Chicken. Now as for preference I think it would be unfair for me to give one as I don't have much to base it on, my lovely other half however was a big big fan of these. She said of the 3 it was her favourite so that's pretty high praise there.

Dairy Flavour :- So initially I thought these will be cheese. After the impeccable Goats Cheese and Monterrey Chilli flavour that's not a bad thing. Those are incredible. You open the packet though and the smell is super strong. It nearly blows your head off. The flavour itself doesn't seem to pack as much of a punch as the scent but it's decent. I think it's a sour cream and onion, possibly sour cream and chive. It tasted quite similar to the sour cream flavour of Sunbites another Walkers product. It was probably for me the most dissapointing but still a solid flavour.

I am very excited about these curry crisps coming out though. They were fantastic. I also hope to god I've got close to nailing what the flavours are

Big thanks to Walkers for giving us the preview as well. 

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