Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Sarsae (hongkong) DRINK

Welcome class,

Thank you for joining me at this very special assembly were we will discuss something called 'SARSAE' drink

Ohh I know I know a lot of sniggering at the back there. This drink is very popular in asia infact I guess you could say it puts the SARS in sarsaparilla (ohh dear god did I really write that) with you youngsters and your pop music. It may seem harmless on it's own but I warn you that down to it's sarsaparilla notes being similar to a really smooth root beer it could act as a dreaded gateway drink.

It all starts of with you at a party and marty mcfly over there pressures you into trying some sarsae. Hey man everyones doing it. It's perfectly natural stuff man. One sip and you could become stuck. Before you know it you'll be blowing men in truck stops just to get your next fix of A&W root beer or punching swans to death to get your pale little hands on a hit of Mugs. Be careful kids this is powerful stuff.

Now please watch this short educational film* on the real dangers of this gateway drink

* What follows is a youtube link to a movie which uses a can of sarsae as it's central plot device. That movie is called It's a Drink, It's a bomb and follows the incredibly likely tale of a can of drink actually being an incredibly powerful explosive. It has happened before actually we think that's what killed fizzy g's ghost mate

The world no longer makes sense to me. I kind of liked this despite it's proximity to root beer which I normally have a disdain for. That has worried me. A lot.

I got this can as a christmas present from my lovely other half. She managed to get it from a local asian supermarket, the version I got was the Hong Kong canned version. I know it is a brand that has many other flavours aside from sarsaparilla in other parts of asia.

Has anyone run into the HK version themselves?

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