Friday, 13 January 2012

If someone throws down you should throw back : Mountain Dew Throwback

I’m going to start this article with an honest confession, one that is very hard for someone who writes for a blog about soda to make. For a brief period during this past festive season I went off my drinks. Yes that’s right, after making a serious dent into my ridiculously huge Christmas stash, I had simply had enough.

For a soda lover this was a dirty feeling, one I had never experienced before and one that filled me full of dread. I worried that the great love affair of my life might have been over and worse still I still had some of my stash left and it would’ve been a crime to let it go to waste.

Thankfully the feeling passed, but for that terrifying hour and a half on the 28th of December my world nearly came tumbling down.

The drink that I could pin point as the one I perhaps went overboard with this Christmas was Mountain Dew, regular readers (and viewers of my video reviews) will have noticed I have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with the Dew and this Christmas I went a bit mental on it. Voltage, White Out, Super Nova, Code Red, US import, UK Energy, they all got many samplings this Christmas and it got to the stage where I thought I could never drink another Can of Dew again.

And then I was given a 12 Pack of Mountain Dew Throwback

Gifted to me by a friend who said he found it in the sort of shop in Edinburgh in which you’d expect to find a Mogwai in a cage and a magic monkey’s paw for sale, or is it claw? Or monkey hand even? Who cares all I know is that if I had a magic paw I’d use all three wishes it granted me to wish for Mountain Dew Throwback. Well actually I’d save one wish to wish for more wishes but then I’d use those 3 extra wishes to wish for more Throwback, but that’d be my limit, I’m not greedy and five Dew wishes is enough for any man. Plus I reckon the monkey would be getting all pissed off with me by that point on account of my disrespect for the wish giving process, and you don’t want a pissed off monkey all up in yo face. Actually it’s just a paw/hand/claw isn’t it? And that wouldn’t be too bad, well a claw might hurt a bit but no matter I’d stick to the five wishes anyway just to stay on the safe side. Um…

So I can safely say I loved Mountain Dew Throwback, it tastes quite similar to the standard US import Dew although just a little bit sweeter. The main difference you’ll notice is the smoothness, this is one smooth drink, as smooth as a babies bum, not that I know what a baby’s bum feels like have never touched one (honestly officer).
The reason for the smoothness is that this drink is made with real sugar (instead of corn syrup) like they used to use in the old days, hence the Throwback title and really cool retro design.

I actually wanna take a moment to mention the design of both the can and the box, its not often I care about such matters but in this case they’ve really done something special. I’m not sure of it’s a faithful recreation of the 1970s design but they’ve really nailed the retro look and it really adds to the whole experience of the drink so bravo.

This really is a special drink and one that reignited my love affair with the Dew (plus after a few hours apart I craved all the other flavours again anyway) I’m not sure how long it will be around or how easy it will be to get hold off but if needs be go fight a monkey steal its hoof and get wish making because believe me its worth hacking off animal limbs for.


Throwback is available at most web suppliers but we'll even give you some links as we love you deeply


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