Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Rhubarb and Custard : Marks and Spencers

It's entirely appropriate that Heston Blumenthal is on TV as I write this. As I have found some gastronomic magic living in plain sight on supermarket shelves all around the country. The big thing is I don't think even the bald Joe 90 look-a-like could pull this one off.

This doesn't need a lot of words. They (Marks and Spencers) have stolen the souls of innocent boiled sweets such as these

and then I can only assume made some sort of sacrifice (in fact has anyone seen Mylene Klass recently?) to pagan gods to create this drink. It's amazing. AMAZING. It's not only a delicious drink but it tastes exactly like the sweet. Exactly. Give this a go. They deserve it. You deserves this. Fantastic.

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