Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Rip It Lime Wrecker

Another RipIt! flavour up today. I loved the GForce flavour and really didn't get on with the 3-Way flavour so Lime Wrecker is coming in without too many preconceptions. I'm a little surprised as it's odd to get a drink which is just Lime. It's normally the deadbeat tag team partner of the fruit world playing second fiddle to the more glamorous lemon.

Not anymore he screams. I'm going solo as he slips into his shiny unitard and charges to the ring. LIME WRECKER he screams as he rains down terrific blows to Lemons waxy skull. They battle for what seems like days with neither truly getting the upper hand, that is until that single pivotal moment when the Lime looks Lemon right in the eyes and says "I SLEPT WITH YOUR WIFE".......

Sorry I got quite into this and I forgot to talk about the drink. It tastes pretty good. It's like a lime fruit gum but in energy format. If lime is your sort of thing, and it's a modern world so I'm not going to judge you, you're probably going to be bang into this. It will probably go very well with spirits as well at a guess. If you're not fussed by Lime this is still a good drink. Strong taste, smooth ride on it and top notch. I'm beginning to think these Rip It energy drinks might infact be a bit special

Get this one from our good pals at American Fizz

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