Thursday, 19 January 2012

Tic Tac…Toe Up Your Arse-Grape and Lychee Twist Tic Tac

What's the most annoying advert in the world? Any Sainsburys’ one with Jamie Oliver dribbling over some value pasta? The one where Freddie Flintoff's presenting style confirms one of my long held suspicions that he is indeed a bit special needs? Or even (and this is a bit controversial as it’s beloved by many) the one where the monkeys drink tea and wear hats? (If we let them drink tea and wear hats then we're one step away from them TAKING OVER THE WORLD AND PUTTING US IN BAMBOO CAGES.)

The correct answer is none of the above, the most annoying advert in the world is the Tic Tac’s ‘Shake Your Tic Tacs’ campaign.

In this abomination we are lead to believe that the act of shaking a box of Tic Tacs at someone is a sign of sexual attraction.

Um yeah

I love Tic Tacs but can safely have never shaken a box of them at anyone to demonstrate sexual attraction, in fact the only recorded case of that ever happening was Freddie Flintoff’s attempt to woe his wife (and it actually worked thus proving the mental state of someone who would marry Freddie Flintoff). It all seems like a desperate attempt to become hip and relevant and to forcibly create a catchphrase along the lines of ‘You’ve Been Tangoed’ but it fails miserably.

Why they felt the need to create a catchphrase based campaign for something as boring as Tic Tacs confuses me as much as it annoys me. As I said before I love Tic Tacs and I love them for their simplicity, they are little mints in a box they don’t need a hip bloody catchphrase, they don’t even need an advert they are little see through boxes of mints, nothing more, nothing less, except when you find exciting new flavours.

As a fan it's great when you find new flavours, which happens more often than you’d think, however they never seem to last. Introduced over the past few years, on top of the standard mint, orange and orange and lime varieties, have been other mint variations, a peach flavour, a few different cherry combos and even giant sized boxes.
Recently I discovered Grape and Lychee twist flavour and was quite excited.

This is a nice combination, the grape really shines and it’s a refreshing change to mint but nice is about as far as it goes when it comes to Tic Tacs. They are never going to be an exciting candy but that’s their charm, they’re always going to be there and always going to be nice.

As nice as the new flavours are they are never going last, firstly no one is going to get excited about a new line of what is essentially a range mints and secondly most people do just view them as a range of mints rather than the sweet candies they can be. Cherry, peach, Grape and Lychee are all tasty treats but they are tasty treats in a mint shaped box, a mint shaped box merchandised beside all the other mint shaped boxes, which is as confusing as Freddie Flintoff on a Ferris wheel with Bruce Forsyth.
Plus they have a really shite advert.

Turns out they have more than 1 check this one out


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  1. Okay yep, I forgot how special tic tac commerials were. And I tried the straight grape flavor today and it was nasty. I'm a huge fan of grape gum and candy but this had a terrible mint flavor at the end which killed it. And to be honest all tic tac "mint" flavors taste like crap. The people want the "real" candy flavors like orange and cherry and so forth. A mint is something your grandparents stuck up their bums as a treat when they were kids.