Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Gone but not forgotten : Pizza Pringles

Dearly Beloved,

We are congregated here to talk about a wonderous memeber of our extended family who is no longer with us. Depite the bold promises from all the leading experts its turns out that once you pop you do eventually stop :(

Don't cry, the moustache twirling pizza pringle man wouldn't want you to remember him with sadness but with fondness for the strongest flavour of crisps ever. So strong it was good that no girls wanted to talk to me. The tube was Italian flag themed with a semi-racist version of the Pizza Pringle man looking like a pizza chef.

Right let's keep this real I did a review of Pizzas flavoured pomm bears and it's done alright in terms of hits, no suprise there bitches be crazy for pomm bears right? Wrong. It went crazy because of Pizza Pringles.

I'm going to give you a guess as to which area seems to have the most interest in Pizza Pringles?


Yep the birthplace of Pizza wants Pizza Pringles, they love Pizza Pringles. We live in the future guys we should have our Pizza in crisp flavour.

Pizza Pringles are like Colour TV, Sliced Bread or Crotchless pants. It makes sense. it feels good and it shouldn't be against the law to be rocking them in a public park.

Yeah the flavour was bold and over powering but fuck it I would rather that than the new limited edition 'Fois Gras and Blueberry Compote' or 'Salmon Sashimi' or whatver the current 'Gourment' flavour is. I want Pringles to have real flavours again. I want them to go at the flavours people truely love and enjoy.

I know that Pringles had a Chip and Ketchup flavour out recently promoting classic takeaway flavours, this is our window back in. I hear there's a classic Margherita flavour but nah let's go hard on this give us a limited edition run of the old Pizza Pringles again and I will give you my money.

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