Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Frugo DragonFruit/Pitahaya

Todays review is of a polish non-carbonated fruit juice based drink. Tescos seem to be throwing their considerable weight behind it at the minute with it having pride of place at the end of an aisle and an eye catching price point (JUST 33P for a 250ml bottle)

My eye was instantly caught by the DragonFruit flavour (called Pitahya in Poland seemingly) and I snagged a bottle to consume at my lesuire.

The drink itself is a blend of  grape,lemon,blackcurrant, cherry and Dragonfruit WITH ADDED SUGAR so it's going to be packing a hell of a punch. What I wasnt expecting was for there to be a genuine dragon fruit taste to it, normally the dragon fruits you get here are a bit dull probably due to the long flights etc etc but you can get, although it is subtle, a real taste here.

That mixed with the grape and lemon is fantastic but fantastically sweet. The Cherry and Blackcurrant do come through but they are the backing singers to the other flavours for me. I'm glad it's only a 250ml bottle as it's super sweet (although still sitting around that 40kcalper100mill barrier) but it's a really nice alternative to snapple and at this price a hell of a lot cheaper.

Try it while it's cheap


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