Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Fizzness Brain Dump :- Celebrity Energy Drinks

Right so we have celebrity perfumes, celebrity endorsement of alcohol and it can't be too far away from us having Celebrity Energy Drinks right?

I mean we already have 50 Cent getting involved firstly in Vitamin Water and now Street King and then we have people like Nelly who a few years ago launched something called Pimp Juice, err ok.

Pimp Juice :- The aroma of the sex industry

So we're going to muse about what we think might be future possible drinks, the current pretenders as well as coming up with 1 we desperately need to see

So at the minute Ed Hardy has a drink out

Someone else has gone to the bother of writing about it so I won't add much ( sound's ........interesting. I'm not quite sure I understand the connection between tatoos and Energy drinks but there you go. It shows that there's potential there for lazy endorsements and products which I believe is like oxygen to a lot of these celebrity types.

Surely someone has to be looking at a Jersey Shore Energy Drink. That filth would sell itself. There seems to have been endorsements for 6 hour power and vitmain water. That's how a lot of the fragrance stuff started out though didn't it? Endorsements then leading to someone going 'hey I like money, maybe I could get more money by doing my own thing!'. For flavour I guess they could for Sicilian Lemon, if they can make something that tastes decent as a mixer they will be raking it in. Or even better than that they could launch a different flavour for every character. That's so awful it's brilliant.

The 'Straight Edge Messiah' CM Punk is a big fan of Pepsi but could you imagine him sporting a WWE Energy Drink. BOOM. I'm getting in line. He could even finally get his ice-cream bars back in a way by making it cream soda energy drink.

So as well as Fiddy and Nelly another Hip Hop Superstar was rumoured to be coming with an energy drink. Kanye. God this would have been incredible. It seemed like there was a lot of buzz about a collab with Guru Energy Drinks ( although I can't ever seem to see something coming out? That's a real shame because who knows what Ye would've come up with but it would've given you all the energy needed to jack fools at award ceremonys and at the end of the day isn't that why we all drink Energy Drinks?

If we're getting into it then there is still something in the realm of hip hop energy drink cross overs that would have me super interested. This is the one Celebrity Energy Drink that is getting me buzzed without even tasting it....

I want a Beastie Boy endorsed energy drink. The thought gets me peaked, seriously. These guys have quirky taste so we'll get a sensational flavourbut we also could, this is what pushes it into the next level for me,  we coluld bloody get a robot shaped can like the Intergalactic video.

JESUS. Are you serious Bro?
I have friends in high places, not one to name drop like but I'm good mates with youtube star Fizzy G, but this might be beyond even our stroke.
SOMEONE Make this happen

Right I'm away to bother famous people on Twitter to get them to start making energy drinks

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