Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Biscbits Honeycomb

So for some reason you don't normally get hoop biscuits. I'm not sure why that is but I'm struggling to think of many. Geometrically for a biscuit I think people feel ripped off by the big gap in the middle. So it was a brave man who made these rude boys.

This is one of those massive sharing pack concepts that are popular at the minute and this time it's a hoop with some honeycomb pieces in it. Since the Honeycomb yorkie became an endangered species something has been missing from my life a little (I've since fallen in love with the Milka Daim Bar) and I had hoped these might be the one.

Honeycomb Yorkie the gold standard of HoneyComb Chocolate

Taste wise they are great, the chocolate might be a little thin as it does seem to melt very quickly in your hand. That's a bit annoying but hey maybe it was an unseasonably hot november evening (it wasn't) but you can live with that as the biscuit itself is nice.

The downside to me is the packet size, what's the point here? I don't think they are fancy enough to have with your local mobsters at a sit down and that's normally my acid test of how fancy something is. Are they aimed at kids partys? Just at familys? I think the packet is too big for fewer than 3/4 people, perhaps its my glutton speaking here but do people really reseal these things and have them in more than 1 sitting? I don't see it.

What I want to see if lunchbox size packets. Something akin to Nestle Flipz. The flavour stands up for itself it could stand up to being sold in smaller packs, even in multipacks of smaller packs. ANIMALS STYLE

This is really close to being something great. It's tasty but I just don't see myself buying packets this size regularly

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