Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Guarana Antarctica

Things to come from Brazil

Pubic Hair Stylings
Samba Dancing
Talented footballers
Massive Statues of Jesus

And now we're getting a hold of their most popular soft drink!

It's a Guarana, one of the main components of Red Bull and a lot of energy drinks, flavoured beverage dating back to the 1920's when the only Red Bull we had was Communist Propoganda (POLITICAL SATIRE AND BEVERAGE REVIEWS! FIZZNESS YOU ARE REALLY SPOILING US)

So here is a link to the UK website and I can't quite work out if it's a joke or not http://www.guaranaantarctica.eu/.

Erm ok very popular in Brazil and that's cool and all but as the world famous song goes "We're not Brazil, we're Northern Ireland" so will your saucy samba antics really play as well on the Shore Road

Down to flavour. You would assume it's like Red Bull due to Guarana being the main ingredient and that's fair but because of the lack of energy its a smooth drink. Really fruity actually and I guess the closest thing you could come to describe it is red bull mixed with a drop of apple juice.

It's refreshing it's sweet and not only that by virtue of having Guarana juice it should be packing a little energy spike as well.

This is really interesting and it's on offer this week in Tescos so grab yourself a 6-pack you deserved it.

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