Wednesday, 16 November 2011

(Sort of)Gone but Not Forgotten : Wispa Gold

Hello I have received communication from Fizzy G and in it he talks about one of his most loved but sadly departed snacks. The odd thing being it's back in the shops at the minute. It's the Nick Cotton of the snack world. Dissapears for years on end only to come back for increasingly brief periods of time. This is an ode to Wispa Gold and how his love for it is eternal...

Interesting take on Sex Ed there from Wispa Gold with messages of encouragement to first timers

 Looooooove Goooooooold
Like Mr. T before me, I love Gold.
Like 'Funnyman' Peter 'hey mum do you remember old things' Kay I love old things, and what do you get when you combine old things with gold things? THE GOLDEN GIRLS! but also WISPA GOLD

A few weeks ago P-Walk asked me to nominate a long gone favourite confectionary item of mine that I wanted to see return from the past for the #Bringback feature on the site. Wispa Gold was my number one choice, sorry Secret bar but I looooooove goooooold. Now suddenly they’re back! So either PWalk has magic ninja powers or that demon I met at six road ends really did give me 3 wishes).

Gold was always one of my favourite chocolate bars, and what's not to like? Wispas are already pretty awesome but these have added GOOOOOOLD, and who doesnt loooooove gooooold?(I loooove gooooold) They were last available in 2003 it has been a long 8 years without them (bar a temporary comeback in 2009 which somehow I missed completely) and during this time nothing has really stepped in to full the golden void.

By way of illustrating how much I love Wispa Gold here is a true story; I was once mugged by a gang of well… muggers and the only thing I had on me was a Wispa Gold I had just spent my only change on. Not fancying a shanking for a chocolate bar, even one as tasty as a Wispa Gold, I reluctantly gave it up. This was a loss that haunted me deeply, I agonized over my missing bar and couldn’t sleep properly for weeks. Then one day I was afforded an opportunity to exact revenge when I saw one of my muggers on a golf course and hit him round the head with a golf flag (neither of us had clubs) (thank god) (can't remember why either of us were on a golf course) (the point is I loooooove goooooooooooooooooold).

So as you can see Wispa Gold bring out a strong reaction in me and you don't want to steal my gold. I looooove gooooold so much I even liked them when they were advertised by real life super villains Ant and Dec.

Anyway I digress they're back for the Olympics, hopefully permanent, taste great, perfect balance of bubbly chocolate and caramel yadda yadda just buy one because you'll LOOOOOOOVE GOOOOOOOLD.

I hate gold bars though.

We're going to have to talk about his attitude towards Gold Bars though as that shits not on.

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