Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Asda Gourmet Jelly Beans

Ok this is a secret that the government probably don't want you to know. Asda have an own brand of gourmet jelly beans and they are pretty bloody good. The cola flavour is fantastic, the pear flavour is fantastic and all round they taste pretty sensational. The next best bit is they are cheap, like very cheap. About a pound. Jesus man keep it cool. The only downside is I don't think they are made in a magical kingdom by elves like most jelly beans, they're probably made by robots in a factory and because of that they don't have a flavour guide on the packet.

That's probably the one downside of these, the lack of a flavour guide and maybe the lack of a Dr.Pepper or Bubblegum flavoured jelly bean but as we all know that would mean a Dr.Thunder flavoured jelly bean and that's just confusing.

Highly recommended!



  1. Went to asda today to stock up on these, think they have stopped selling them :( will try again next week

  2. I bought 12 packets 2 weeks ago, I still have 2 packets left. :)
    I don't like the lack of licorice flavour, even though they have a blick jelly bean on the front of the packet... They're my favourite.
    Also, they have way too many yellow ones, and sometimes it's hard to tell a flavour. Though they DEFINITELY have way too many pineapple flavour ones, they're like ew.