Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Sunkist Strawberry

Sunkist Strawberry
What has two thumbs and has spent his entire life searching for a good strawberry flavoured soda?...the strawberry soda searching robot I just made called big Dave. Unfortunately in his relatively short life big Dave hasn’t been able to find any good strawberry sodas partly because there aren't any good strawberry sodas and also because apparently you need more than two cardboard boxes tinfoil and the innards of an old Casio keyboard to make a functioning soda searching robot.

Luckily for me (or this article would’ve been relatively short and mostly about broken robots) I found some strawberry soda myself. And ladies and gentlemen the search is over.

If you remember a few months ago, in my debut article for this site in fact, I wrote at length about the lack a truly good strawberry soda. To me it seemed weird that every attempt has always had it mixed with other fruits or when the strawb did go solo it was always an over-sweet, unbalanced flavour disaster. Well here comes Sunkist to save the day.

Imported from the USA of (where interestingly the strawberry is known locally as the HairBud) comes Sunkist Strawberry, part of the same range as the cherry soda I reviewed last time, and it is sublime.

This succeeds were others have failed because instead of trying to capture the natural flavour of a strawberry which (a.) no one wants in a soda and (b.) doesn't mix well with soda, they've decided, much like they did with their cherry soda, to use the candy version of a strawberry, and it was a stroke of genius.

This drink is great, the candy flavour is unmistakably strawberry but one that bears no relation to strawberry in real life, which is no bad thing. It's sweet, very sweet in fact but that fits in with the candy theme and everything mixes together so well. It goes down a treat and is head and shoulders above any other HairBud drink out there, so get some now.

Right I'm off to attach an old Nokia 3310 to Big Dave and see if he grows a soul.

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