Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Tyrrells Sour Cream and Jalepeno Popcorn

Social Responsibility, Whoopie Pies and Designer Popcorn. Three things you know you should probably like but there's something a bit off putting about them right?

That's been my issue. I've liked the thought of designer popcorn, you know the sort one piece of popcorn covered in chocolate with caramelized ginger stuck to it etc etc, but something just never felt right about it.. that was until last week.

I've had Tyrrells brand of crisps before and I know the remit pretty well, they want to bring full flavoured snacks back to the mainstream market right? People are tired of yellow under cooked crisps lacking in punch and flavour so they did something about it. Excellent and now they've turned their attentions to Popcorn.

I'm not sure there's many popcorn at home brands I have a loyalty to nor is it something that I would consider getting if not watching a film, the two are that intertwinned to me, but this flavour of Tyrrells Proper Popcorn seemed more like a Crisp Alternative to me and so it found it's way into my snack rotation.

One thing to clear up and this is pretty important, this is not a massively high calorie snack. Popcorn is constantly labelled as that calorific nightmare and I'm sure sweet popcorn is. It's covered in sugar so I guess the two follow hand in hand. This is a bit different though with the entire bag (76g) coming in at about 375 calories according to myfitnesspal.com with a sharing bag of something like Walkers being around 500 calories. This makes sense if you think about something like Snack-A-Jacks and that they are basically popcorn cakes.

Ok so onto the flavour of this. Initially I won't lie I was a little worried it was going to be like a bag of broken up sour cream snack-a-jacks which would be a bit dull but that's were the Jalapeno Chilli flavour comes into it's own. The added background heat from that is what brings this snack crashing forward as a real alternative to crisps.

I would enjoy these as an alternative to snack-a-jacks as well if they had some multi-pack type deal. Very tasy and a lovely product. Recommended for your next fight night get together.

Fizzness Seal of Approval is well earned here

That's almost it but I can't let you go without suggesting you pop over to their website.http://www.tyrrellscrisps.co.uk/ it's a great site with a way to register yourself as a taste tester. I look at Tyrrells and can't help but draw some comparrisons with Jones Soda... Just me?

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