Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Pom Bears - New Flavour

Pom Bears.

Let's take a minute to salute the brave potato based bretheren of bears who give their lives for our snack enjoyment. Lead by what can only be described as some sort of crazed Pied Piper of Potato Bears

these small bears are lead to factories were they are flavoured and packaged for human consumption.

What's more they taste great as well. It's a snack that's undeniably aimed at kids but succeeds on all levels with all audiences right? They are crisp, well flavoured and say it quietly not a full assault on the waistline and what's more they've only just gone and come out with a new flavour.

What is the flavour you cry? Don't shout this is a blog, this has already been written just saying stuff won't change the narrative. The new flavour is one of the holy grails of crisp flavours it is of course


Ohh yes. Who doesn't love a good pizza crisp? Well probably a lot of people as there hasn't been many good ones at all. We'll discuss it's place in the Pizza Premierchip ( <- hey you see that, that's jokes) soon but first we will deal with it on it's own merit.

The flavour of these is spot on. It's quite gentle but that's nice because often Pizza crisps is in an excuse to go mad with the garlic powder. They have kept true to their original target market of kids and made something that's a bit milder but therefore probably a little more socially acceptable to eat. You can taste something akin to Oregano although I'm unsure if that's exactly what it is, the tomato and cheese flavouring is there. I don't know if this tastes of a Pizza for say but it does conjure up similar notes to one.

I think this is great and might be currently the only pizza flavoured crisp on the mass market? Well worth a go if you are a fan of the two BIG BOYS in this area

Twiddling his moustache more than usual it's the odd looking, and a bit shifty if we're honest, pringle man. These were powerful and they had the great side effect of smelling so so bad that nobody would come near you, allowing you to finish your pringles in peace. God Bless Pizza Pringles. RIP HOMIE.

The top pizza crisp in the world for me, and it's hard to get them so that's why these Pom Bears are such a welcome addition to the family. The don, the ultimate it's CALBEE PIZZA CHIPS

These are ridiculous. You can get them in some Asian Supermarkets and if you see some grab some. They are brilliant. The best bit is these aren't even Calbees best chips. We'll do a review of what I think is their best chips in the upcoming days.

POM PIZZA RATING - 7/10 Great Alternative to Salted Pom Bears and fills a gap in the market. Well worth a try. Give them a go next time you're in your local supermarket

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