Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Big Cola = Big Excitement in UK Cola Market?

So whilst watching the football over the past couple of weeks I noticed a new logo adorning the boards behind a few of the managers on Match of the Day. Big Cola. I was probably a little more excited about it than I should be, I hoped we might have a Big, excuse the pun, launch of a cola in the UK to liven up the market here

Not since the (failed) launch of Virgin Cola in the mid 90's to shake things up have we really had a new challenger try and sit at the big boys table.

Now I know Virgin Cola is having some success recently in South East Asia and had a deal with 7-Eleven in the US but the UK launch all those years ago was big news here. They pulled in Pamela Anderson, at the height of her fame arguably, for adverts and even designed the bottle after her

Looks just like her doesn't it?

Anyway one of the other moves, as well as giving it exclusivity in their own cinemas etc, was to make larger bottles and have them cheaper. This seems to be something that Big Cola do as well

Big Bottles and priced to go. Historically they are a Peruvian group but they are getting a lot of traction in Asia at the minute and sadly that's it for the moment. They are using the English Premier League purely for a promotional boost in those areas with no plans for a UK launch currently.

I'm gutted. They've signed partnership deals with a number of clubs in the Premiership including Stoke, Everton, Wigan and West Brom and have piqued a lot of interest here. It seems almost like a taunt that it's not available but still have it tantalisingly advertised every saturday :( perhaps this is a call to arms to test the waters in the UK for a COLA COUP (also trademarked Fizzness 2011)

Does anyone know of any way to get hold of some? I plan on contacting a local asian supermarket to see if they could maybe include some on their next soda order.

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  1. Hello Soda Jerks,
    I've just read your article and i think it's really interested. I am from Peru and let me tell you that you are correct about the price; in my opinion one of the lowest prices on the world for a soda.For example,If you want to buy a Big Cola 3 Liters(3000 ml), it cost $0.8!!!. Besides the flavour is really acceptable (very convenient here in Peru, when we would to combine soda && alcohol xDD).

    On the other hand, I hear that "Big Cola" is sold in Spain,even it's a Barcelona FC's sponsor.One month ago, David Villa made an advertisement for them.

    Good Bye