Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Triple Chocolate Limited Edition Mars Bar Review

Mars have a new limited edition flavour out. Mars Triple Chocolate. From what I can understand it's the same chocolate on the outside (certainly not as dark as the suprisingly nice Mars Dark limited edition from days gone by) but with Chocolate Caramel and Chocolate Nougat.

I'll be honest, the fact that it was hard to tell if the chcolate was dark or not tells it's own story. It's all a bit much and to be honest it's all a bit heavy. The chocolate Nougat weighs the whole thing down and the bar feels dense. The difference between chocolate caramel and normal caramel is negligible at this point because there's so much other chocolate going on.

You're left with something which didn't taste drastically better than a normal mars bar but felt a lot more difficult to finish.

I was really dissapointed here I'm afraid. Anyone got an opinion on it? Anyone got an opinion on something they would like Mars to do instead as a limited edition? I would be quite keen on a white chocolate mars bar I think if they could get a lighter nougat maybe in keeping with a milky way. We got white chocolate Malteesers so maybe this isn't so far fetched

PS: I've never used the word Nougat as much in my life before, I also never realised how often I got the spelling wrong either

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