Tuesday, 23 August 2011

I'll admit it I'm whipped and I love it

I am a big fan of Reese's. I love the cups and I love the few different bars that have made it over here. It's one of few American chocolate bars which doesn't taste too odd. This isn't chocolate snobbery on my behalf, although it is the source of a lot of chocolate snobbery here in the UK, but to us something like Hershey tastes odd.

Now if you ask someone why you will normally get the answer of Paraffin. Well of sorts. Paraffin wax is added to chocolate in the US to extend shelf live, I think it's also intended to stop it melting so quickly which I guess might be more of an issue in some parts of the USA than not so sunny Belfast. That being said on Hershey, I have a lot of time for the Minis. They were a semi-regular fixture in our house when my dad came back from business trips

The Mr.Goodbars are incredible.

I've totally lost my thread of thougt... YES THATS RIGHT REESES. Anyway Reeses is brilliant, wonderous infact and I just discovered their Whipped Bar.

In basic terms this is a Milky Way Bar that's got a thing for Peanut Butter. A Milky Way family torn apart by an affair with a jar of peanut butter. Imagine it the fun size Milky Ways crying over their broken home whilst Reeses Cup stands with their mother. Well you know what I'm happy, I'm happy for the new family as their offspring is something very special indeed.

Here is a cross-section picture of the bar

The Peanut Butter flavour isn't over powering but it's there. You know what this is and you wonder why on earth it wasn't here before. It's sensational. The bar might be whipped but it's your tastebuds that end up with whiplash. This is the best chocolate bar that I've had in quite some time.

Get this in your life. The only problem with doing that is it's import only at the minute and the main sites don't seem to carry it (our local convenience store chain Mace seem to be importing a lot at the minute which is where I got mine from) but we'll get on the case for you

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