Tuesday, 2 August 2011

DISCO INFERNO : Relentless Inferno Review

Had my very first can of Relentless Inferno today and enjoyed it. Inferno is an orange energy drink from Relentless. It seems to be going in a slightly different direction than a lot of "ME TOO ME TOO" energy drinks in that rather than shooting lightning bolts out about the caffeine amount they decided to concoct something that had a strong flavour.

The 1st thing that hits you when you open the can is the colour, it is a natural orange and that's comforting. It's pretty common for Energy drinks to either follow that default Red Bull colour or some hazardous neon colour to make it seem more energetic. This looks like a normal soft drink and if it's an early morning coding help (as was the case for me this morning) it helps you to not question what terrible turn your life has taken.

The taste itself is powerful. It's orange but more than that. It's perhaps "Blood and Guts" Orange rather than just Blood Orange you know. You can taste Guarana well so I think and it gives the drink a meaningul after-taste but that's something you expect off an energy drink and this kind of rides out the flavour pretty well.

For me this is probably the best tasting energy drink on the market now, although it is close between this and Dew Energy. Not sure how well it would hold up as a mixer on a night out as I think it's flavour might be a little too strong for that but as a straight up energy drink when it's too early in the morning to be thinking about whatever it is you are supposed to be thinking about then it doesn't get much better than this.

Highly Recommended

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