Saturday, 26 May 2012

Banana Soft Drink - McDaids


Yes you may have noticed we just came back from a bit of a break there without so much as a hello or whatever. We are the deadbeat dads of the blog world. We would apologies but you wouldn't believe it and we probably wouldn't mean it so how about we just buy you a my little pony and a ice cream and you can just get yourself knocked up to get back at us? Deal? Ok

Right so part of the reason we went away was I had a big St Paddys day thing planned. I had tracked down the famous football special and would be dancing down the streets when I finally got it. Epic right. Well sadly not due to a mix up with the order I somehow ended up not with a mix box of 3 of their fantastic flavours but instead a single box of the 1 flavour I was a bit terrified of. Banana.

I wont lie to you, I could have cried when it showed up. I was really down in the dumps about the whole thing and so it came as a bit of a surprise when the packaging managed to raise a little wry smile from me.

That's an awful picture. I thought it was blurry because of the tears in my eyes but instead it was because I'm a moron. It's a little blurb sort of suggesting that they have a banana plantation in Donegal Ireland. It's the kind of whimsical stuff that I'm a bit of a sucker for so I decided I would try this out.

Look at it. That's a quality product and a quality Irish product as well so that's lovely stuff all round. I wasn't expecting much from it. Banana is something you would more often found in dairy based drinks like smoothies or milshakes than in a soft drink and you think to yourself  there kind of has to be a reason for that right?

Maybe. The thing is though this is more like foam banana sweets than the actual fruit. In a fantastic way. It evokes the same sort of memories of childhood that something like the Rhubarb and Custard from Marks and Spencers did.

It's really sweet and it tastes artificial but it's kind of charming.

 Here's another point it's really quite drinkable as well. It's not just for quirk or shock factor, there's something really fundamentally right about this drink.

This is normally the point in which we would give it a score or a picture of seal but no not this time. We feel this is such a strange little oddity of a drink that we would like your opinions on it. Also we really want to buy your affection but we have no money. We have a few bottles left in Fizzness towers and we're willing to send them out to some UK blog followers here to get your impression of them and maybe even see if you can come up with a good cocktail?

Drop us a line on our twitter or facebook and we'll get details off you. First come first served!


  1. I'll try one if you've still got one, i hate real banana's but find banana flavoured milkshake etc ok so yeah pretty curious to see what this tastes like. Email me at zenithdancer @ facebook. com (or send me pm/friend request zenithdancer/sonia mills) I love soda/pop by the way and love trying some of the flavours you can get from the states just wish it wasn't so expensive to get cherry dr pepper or cherry pepsi over here!