Saturday, 26 May 2012

Rowntrees Fruit Bottles

When I was a young man in short trousers I would often bother my parents for sweets. GIVE ME SWEETS GIVE ME SWEETS. Being of large cartoonish features and massive face I found it quite easy to manipulate them into buying me said sweets. Rowntrees know all about that sort of shit man, they master in it. What they want to do know is start to play the parents from another angle. We know that you know that we know that they kids want sweets but we know that you want like healthy sweets right and we know that you know that the kids won't know that these sweets are good for them.

That's the sort of stuff they are on now. They want to trick parents into thinking that these sweets are not only really good for you but because they are you are back in charge.


They're not really good enough to trick children.

They also really upset me. Cola bottles, cherry cola bottles and bubblegum bottles are in terms of sweets pretty much perfect. That takes that idea and says hey lets do other flavours. Orangeade maybe, cherryade, raspberryade and the like right? That should be amazing. They aren't really. The strength of flavour doesn't come through the gelatin for me and they all kind of tasted the same. I think it's meant to be an answer to natural confectionery company but in an individual bag, it just kind of falls flat.

Hey little jonny do you want those fruit bottles again.

Jelly Tots bitch.

I mean Rowntree's you already got Jelly Tots. Don't be greedy son.

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