Saturday, 26 May 2012

Local Alternatives - Nestle Flipz

You remember Flipz right? Of course you do everybody does. They were one of those things that people now get hazy eyed about. I think we all kind of got into them when they were first released then got over them a little. What's been left is that nostalgia vacuum with the desire for them to return to the UK building and them becoming an increasingly popular sight in import stores.

Look at them in their lovely blue glory well if you're craving them and don't want to have to import yourself or go via a specialist store I've got a suggestion for you. A local supermarket has their own label chocolate covered pretzel. That's right buddy. Check these out. POW POW

So these come in quite a dark chocolate so if you're craving white chocolate ones you're either going to keep importing or start asking Mark and his brother Spencer to sort you out right and they are decent lads and a cracking badminton team so they might do that for you.

The most important thing to tell you is they are salted and yes that's important. Not just because salting caramel and chocolate is very in right now but because it's giving you that real strong packing flavour you deserve. Salt and Sweet as they always say in Man vs Food is what you crave. You crave these. If you have ever missed Flipz you owe it to yourself to go and try these out. If you are intrigued by this salted chocolate thing that's going a bit mad at the minute these might be your gateway into that. Excellent product and a cost savvy alternative to importing.

Alright hands up who wants one?

Even Key ring Lucky Cat is on this guys. You better get to stepping before he gets to stepping

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