Wednesday, 28 March 2012

100 PLUS

So this drink did something pretty amazing to me. I'm not going to lie I'm a wild child and I have had some isotonic drinks before. In my early days I may have even dabbled in a bit of lucozade sport. Then I had me some of this stuff right here

Get this right. This is grapefruit flavour and I still liked it a lot. It's lightly carbonated and that's great it tastes like good right but it's the can that's done something weird to me.

It's awoken something 80's in me and it feels rad. I'm Ferris Beuller up in this joint but no much more than that I'm sporty, I'm like a sporty wrecking ball. Something that epitomizes all that was right with the 1980's.


Yeah that's right. This drink is the Ivan Drago of drinks.

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