Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Tayto Titanic Corn Snacks

So we're getting closer to some Titanic centenary events here in Belfast and it seems that uncontent with releasing the stellar hand-cooked potato chips on us recently( ), Tayto have also released yet more Titanic themed snacks. This time it's a corn based snack which is aimed at a lower price point than those hand-cooked delights before

Now as it's a different snack and different price point etc it would be unfair to draw too many parallels here I guess. One is a prestige model and line and the other is more functional I guess, so it's probably best to consider it in relation to other snacks of it's ilk. That would be I guess Monster Munch or Transform-A-Snack.

These are in essence Salt and Vinegar Monster Munch but with a nautical slant. What's more they are very good as well. I'm not sure you need to hear much more than that really. They are tied into the titanic with some bits about the engineering of the ship and some facts. I know a lot of people feel really strongly about people profiting on what happened to the ship but , maybe this is just with me being a local, I still think there's a lot of pride hear about what was built and what it meant at the time. The Titanic is , this isn't meant in a bad way, almost the perfect story arc not in terms of the end result and the huge number of people that lost their lives but as a story it has almost everything and it resonates with people still to this day. Do I think a corn snack is a fitting tribute to the lives of those people? No of course not, but it's not meant to be I don't think it's to let people know that we as a City are still proud of what was built here.

I think they're a great snack and worth trying if you're over in Northern Ireland any point this year.  If you're only going to have 1 titanic themed snack it probably shouldn't be this one as the hand-cooked are exceptional and as odd as it seems feel like more of a prestige product.

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  1. Now they sound nice, pretty we can't get them in England/Mainland UK though :-(