Thursday, 8 March 2012

Brisk Mango and Dragonfruit

We're back and we're hoping to hit things up at a Brisk pace again.

For those of you in the know Brisk is Liptons non-carbonated fruit drink range. We've reviewed a few of them before and they normally hit the spot quite well, they also have insanely well designed cans. This is definitely the case with their Mango and Dragonfruit infused green tea drink

Green Lantern theme? What? Exactly. It's a sensational can and it speaks to you. You've been chosen by this can. I'm not a massive fan of ice tea really or any tea so I had my suspicions that it probably wouldn't be sweet enough for me or I wouldn't really enjoy the tea kick that would come through.

I was wrong.

The taste is fantastic and smooth. The mango really hits quite hard and as discussed with the Frugo product it's quite hard to properly grasp the taste of Dragonfruit. So we're kind of left with Mango green tea who claims to be a 2nd generation immigrant from Dragonfruitopia.

I've been going back and forth over whether to award this the seal of approval. I was a little dissapointed that the dragon fruit flavour was weak but I don't know if I can blame them for it as I think that might just be down to the dragonfruit itself. It's made me enjoy a tea blended soft drink and that seems pretty special to me. So for that reason as my personal favourite tea blended soft drink I guess it needs the seal right?

Yeah it gets it. Recommended.

You can cop this at americanfizz if interested

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