Thursday, 8 March 2012

Pepsi Max Wild Cherry


What are the best Quests of all time?

Lord of the Rings?
Fievel goes West?
Herbie Goes Bannanas?
Laser Quest?

No. None of those, well maybe Laser Quest, but instead my quest and single minded drive to get some Pepsi Max Wild Cherry. I heard people giggling all over twitter OMG IT DIS LIKES A LIQUID BAKEWELL TART BRUV or NOW THAT I HAVE HAD THE WILD CHERRY PEPSI I CAN FEEL LOVE IN MY HEART FOR THE FIRST TIME. I was angry. I was lashing out. I didn't know where I could get me some of this. I tried like maybe 3 or 4 shops. I know right. I tried asking Pepsi people on twitter but my desperate tears broke my keyboard. I felt alone and abandoned until I found it. I finally found it. After months of searching I found it. Where did I find it? Ohh a small independent store. What was it called you say? err ASDA something like that

I walked into this ASDA store and slinked past the forest of pre-packed salad guarded by the chattering old women. Through the frozen wasteland of the pizza peninsula being careful not to alert the slope browed worker men of my presence.

Into the lost world of FIZZY DRINK AISLE and there I spotted it. SHAMBALA

The quest was not over like as I had to queue at the self-service tills then go home. EPIC. They are turning it into a movie with Kevin Sorbo playing me.

So I get this back to Fizzness Towers and I have Fizzy G round. This is a big moment in our adult lives. We are both a little addicted to Pepsi Max so a new flavour is kind of a big deal. Then the fear hits. Shit we built this up a lot. A lot. What if it's not good. What if it's a bit of a dissapointment like the Wild Cherry Pepsi import we picked up

We cracked it open. It was ice cold, hey you no necrophelia wise cracks alright, and the smell was intoxicating. Then we tasted it. AMAZE BALLS.

This is better than Wild Chery Pepsi USA and what's more this better than nearly every single cherry drink on the market. How does it stand up against Cherry Coke you ask. Well that's a hell of a question. Taste wise I would say it's almost a dead tie then you remember this one has like no calories.



I love this drink.





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  2. Does it not have that diet drink bitter aftertaste though, that's what's put me off trying these after finding the diet vanilla had that same diet aftertaste as the original? I love the pepsi cherry though it was my joint fave with the cherry dr pepper when i bought a few drinks flavours to try the other month.