Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Hawaiian Splash Beenies Jelly Beans

Jelly beans. I love Jelly Beans and I think most people do as shown by the popularity of Mike and Ike these days and well Jelly Belly I guess. I found a new brand in a local deli and was tempted to try them out. First things first they sort of evoke Mike and Ike to you. There's not a massive amount of similarities in packaging but enough to get something ticking at the back of your mind and the flavour blends seem pretty consistent too.

So what do they look like then

Nice packet. As I said they remind me a bit of Mike and Ike possibly because I'm unaware of many jelly beans being sold in packets this size and shape before them.

What do they taste like? In a word.. Great. Some of the flavours are fantastic personal favourites were Coconut, Passion Fruit and Watermelon. These tropical sweets are great.

So what's special about them. Well they make a big deal about being Vegetarian and suitable for Celiacs so it's nice they are willing to call these things out and carve themselves a nice. I enjoyed them a lot and will be looking to try other flavours soon.

Keep an eye out


  1. I miss starburst jelly beans now they were fab and very fruity just like the original starburst sweets (which should still be called Opal fruits imho).

  2. The best jelly ever!!! Anyone know where to buy it please???