Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Lorina Pink Lemonade

I was in work getting lunch at the canteen, kindly minding my business I'll have you know, when my eyes were drawn to a new product in the drinks fridge. Lorina Pink Lemonade. Being a man of the world I think nothing of having such an effeminate coloured drink in my hands so I picked up a bottle and went on my merry way
I was instantly transported to something out of Amelie I think. It's iconically french in design, you can tell that without even looking at the name etc. It's a bottle that Christina Hendricks seems to have based her figure on almost and it craves your attention

It got mine. It really got my attention and I was very excited about getting to try it. So I was perched at my desk in no time at all. I opened the top and heard that tremendous  PSSSSSTTT noise as the Lorina lemonade was about to tell me it's secret. The secret is it's a bit too grown up for me.

This is a nice drink, it's subtle and mature with it's flavours. It's a grown up soft drink and a very good one at that. The citrus slaps you in your chops a lot more powerfully than you would expect for something so pink and demure. It's a really good drink there's no problem with the drink, the problem is with me. I still favour Bubblegum flavoured soda above most things in the world so a proper old fashioned pink lemonade was maybe a little too sharp for me personally.

It's a grown up soft drink with robust flavours but maybe just a little too refined for me at the minute and this brings me great amounts of shame

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