Sunday, 24 July 2011

Is Red Bull a Sports Drink?

So today I was at the gym and approached by a bevvy of Red Bull Ladies handing out cans of the sugar free version of the drink.

Now this isn't the first time I've seen Red Bull being marketed or used as a pre-sports drink but it's something which sits a bit oddly with me. I've seen people drinking the normal red bull before a game of football for an energy kick during the game and people taking the Red Bull Energy Shots*, now I'm aware of the links to extreme sports, brought about by some super savvy marketing from red bull of course, but for traditional sports I'm not sure I see the appeal or the benefit.

New York Red Bulls home to the very marketable Theirry Henry

Is this the reasoning behind the sponsorship/rename of two football sides (one in New York and one in Salzburg) are Red Bull wanting to become the defacto sports drink?

What do you guys use as a sports drink? My most common is just normal water but if I'm branching out it normally seems to be Powerade if I'm buying a pre-made bottle or I use the lucozade sports powders to make my own. What do you look for in a sports drink something for an energy boost, I know 5 Hour Energy in America tries to market itself to body-builders and the like before a big session, or something for rehydration?

* Interestingly Red Bull are discontinuing the Energy Shots and their Cola

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