Friday, 8 July 2011

It's not me, It's dew

A Dear John Letter to Dew Energy

It's over a year now since I had you back in my life. We had some great times back in the late nineties god things were fun back then and then you went away. I'm not going to lie I thought about you a lot and yeah I'll admit it I scoured the internet looking to a get a taste of what I was craving, I'm not even embarrassed to admit that. Then it happened, the day that colour returned to the world when # a friend told me that you were coming back. I couldn’t wait to see you, to have you back in my life and when I laid my eyes on you that fateful day I thought you were looking good. You had a bit of makeover and hell you stood out. I don’t think I noticed anyone else vying for my attention as my eyes were instantly drawn.
The joy of the reunion makes the next bit so hard to say but it’s not working. We could try and make this happen but deep down I think we both realize that it's not the same because….. well it’s because you've changed. You're not as smooth as you were before and I think I need that and miss that. You now have this intense 'always on' vibe and that's why I just can't see us being a long-term thing. Yeah maybe you're exactly what I'm looking for in a nightclub hook-up and don't get me wrong there's something to be said for that but is that all you want from me? Do you want to be something disposable to me when I’m out and having a few drinks. What we had before was different. I could see you everyday and you still managed to excite me but not now.

This next bit is probably the hardest part for me to say and I really hope you can deal with it. I'm sorry to have to break this news to you but I've been having a relationship with one of your foreign relatives. I'm sorry, they know what I want and they can still excite me in a way you can't anymore. They're not afraid to change it up make things a little different, it feels like you're stuck just being this one thing.
I’m sure you will find someone who is right for you, hell you probably already have, but it’s not me. We grew apart.
I want to say we've grown apart, that it's nobodys fault but it's not true. It's not me, it's totally you.

It was last year that I had my first taste of Dew Energy and I dunno I was underwhelmed I guess and I'm not the only one I know that, infact one of the best spectator sports going at the minute is spotting an unknowing perso in your local supermarket pick up a bottle of Dew and say to a friend/partner OH MY GOD IT'S BACK IT'S BACK before watching the confusion on their face as they have their first taste. It's kind of like when you drink orange juice but you're not expecting orange juice. Does that make sense? Your brain short-circuits on it's first taste of it. WTF is this? Should that really be the reaction on such a long waited and heavily anticipated re-union? I’m really happy to see it back on the shelves, also in a really odd way, I’m happy that the brand seems to be doing well. I have no commercial investment in the brand but I genuinely hope it succeeds I just am selfish enough to want things on my terms.
Don't get me wrong it is not a bad tasting drink and if I wasn't comparing it to Mountain Dew I don't think there would be a problem. It probably is the most drinkable energy drink out there, kudos for that by the way as it's not an easy thing to acheive. That's not what I wanted though I wanted something like the Mountain Dew you can get in America or even Australasia so why did we get this? Lots of talk that an already high caffeine level left them with two choices, cut the caffeine (not going to prove popular with a drink closely associated to extreme sports and late night gaming sessions)or keep it/up it and position the drink as an energy drink.  Personally I wonder if the marketing of Pepsi Max impacted on the ability to leverage another soft drink aimed primarily at that market? For a while I think our Pepsi Max adverts were originally Dew adverts in the US but with cans replaced to Pepsi Max. That's guesswork from most people I guess but seems quite reasonable, coupled with the fact that non-cola sodas don't seem to sell as well in the UK as other areas probably forced the hand to try something different but why keep the name then?

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, SORE POINT, and I’m no longer the real market but drinking energy drinks regularly doesn’t appeal massively. I’m a Software guy and like most of us I do intake far too much Caffeine but even for me this is a bridge too far. I hear a Diet version has been released but I would really like to see a Low Caffeine, Low Cal version trialled. This probably needs it’s own discussion around the launch of new flavours etc in the UK and that’s something I hope to pick up soon but right now I really want to know what everyone else thinks about Dew Energy. Happy with the relaunch? Happy with the Energy aspect of it? Happy with the taste? Or still importing?

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