Thursday, 9 June 2011

Graped Crusader

I need to get this off my chest. I love grape flavouring, like a stupid amount. I'm a bit of a fiend for it. On my last trip stateside I couldn't have been any happier drinking some welchs grape soda and also a disgusting sounding but brilliantly tasting powerade zero grape flavour.

So good. Yet here in the UK we never really do the grape thing. We can get Welchs juice happily enough but the soda is only on an import basis. Why is this? What's going on here? I NEED GRAPE FLAVOURED FIZZ AND I NEED IT WITHOUT THE INFLATED IMPORT PRICES

What are our options?
1) We can badger and annoy Welchs and see if they can bring the soda to the uk
2) You can pop into your tescos or sainsburys and go down the world food isle...

Yep you read that right. Go down the world food isle and actually look at the bottles of soda they have. They got dat grape. Bigga Grape. My god this stuff is fun. It's from Jamaica and it's making it's way around the UK with alarming pace. This stuff is good. Try it.

Anyone had any of the other bigga flavours? What's your favourite? Any other gems lurking down the world foods isle in your supermarket? Let us know

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