Monday, 10 October 2011

Cherry Up You Miserable Bastard- Sunkist Cherry Limeade

Cherry Up You Miserable Bastard- Sunkist Cherry Limeade

Life is full of disappointment, and the sooner you learn this the better. Spongebob The Movie… disappointing, series 3 of Arrested development…disappointing, Yeezy’s 4th album…you get the idea. There is no point sugar coating it, the fact is at nearly every opportunity life will let you down.

One of the major disappointments that occurred in my life is related to fruit. Now as a junk food maniac you could argue that anytime I am faced with fresh fruit or vegetables is a disappointing one, but on this occasion it was even worse.

Of all the artificial fruit flavours in soda and candy my favourite has got to be Cherry; Cherry Coke, Cherry Drops, Cherry Wham Bars, all are amazing. So feeling adventurous a few years ago (also maybe trying to avoid impending Scurvy) I decided to take a rare jaunt into the produce aisle of my supermarket. Faced with an unfamiliar and intimidating mountain of green and yellow things I didn’t recognise I decided the best bet was to try something I knew I’d like…cherries.

Big mistake.

So disgusted was I with these rotten little lumps of crap I was tempted to ring 999 and tell the police that I was the victim of a global scam to make people think that Cherries taste like their soda/candy counterparts. I decided not to as there was a pretty big fuss made the last time I did something similar (they will always be Opal Fruits to me damn it). Instead I just wallowed in the disappointment that artificial cherry is much better than natural cherry.

Fast forward a few years and I’m strictly an artificial Cherry guy these days so was excited this week when I picked up an imported can of Sunkist Cherry Limeade from Centra.

Just as a side note I’d like to note that Centra is fast becoming my favourite place to shop for soft drinks these days. They have a large selection of rare and imported drinks and seem to bring in new lines quite often.

Cherry may be one of my favourite flavours but I have to admit I was slightly worried about this one. Cherry Limeade, normally when I see a few flavours listed on a drink I worry about its pureness, that it’s going to be a cheap tasting flavoured lemonade, something not fully formed, especially when it is a variation of another drink.

I needn’t have worried. This is one fully formed, original drink that stands out in its own right. The cherry flavour is incredible they have really captured the artificial cherry candy flavour and it stands head and shoulders about other similar drinks even (and it is a big thing for me to admit this) Cherry Coke. And they haven’t just pilled a whole load of flavouring in to fool your taste buds, there is a delicate balance going on in this drink. The cherry is sweet and at first you think its going to be too sweet but then there is an undercurrent of lime that holds it back from being over powering. A real triumph.

And the best thing about this drink? It says somewhere on the can there is some natural flavouring (right beside all the artificial ones but ssssh) So life has decided to prove me wrong and that maybe all things natural aren’t disappointing after-all. It also means I can drink loads of it and get my 5 a day…right? Better go here my gums are bleeding again.

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