Tuesday, 4 October 2011

RockStar Punched

Apologies for the sporadic reviews last week, I have been in the throws of a release process for the company I work for so this has lead to a few late nights recently which has in turn allowed me to sample a couple of Energy Drinks.

First up is Rockstar Punched

From the can you can tell this isn't subtle. It's an energy drink though it shouldn't be. It's got kind of a forest fruit flavour going on for me (yeah I know Guava isn't normally included in that but thats what it tastes like to me) and it's got a hell of a kick. I would say the after taste and kick off it is a lot stronger than the energy cola produced and from a personal point of view I preferred the way the energy cola kind of rode out on the flavour.

You know forest fruit five alive? Imagine somehow that it has been cast as Jason Statham in Crank 2. Rockstar Punched would be the result. If it helps I imagine the purple colour to be something akin to one of those velour tracksuits Chev Chelios wore in the film.

It's a powerful energy drink with a strong taste but an interesting taste. Not quite as good as the energy cola but a decent effort plus it's made me think about Crank II which is never a bad thing

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