Monday, 24 October 2011

Lucozade Cola

Lucozade have launced a cola. I know this because I spotted it today and have snagged a bottle.

Yeoo. This is what it looks like

 I'm not going to lie this is a very nice looking product. It follows their Blackcurrant launch quite closely I think but it's obvious that Lucozade are re-upping their efforts to become the local energy drink king. I assume this is partially down to an increase in competition from Powerade for the sports drink market.

So it looks good but what about the taste? It's like a weekend visit to your dead beat dad. Great fun whilst you're there, its carefree and lived to the fullest but all too fleeting. It's kind of got that cola tip-top flavour we talked about with Rockstar Energy Cola and the intial hit is great but what makes it so great is possibly what makes it go so quickly and that's the carbonation. Really small bubbles that effervesce fiercly smacking that cola taste into your chops quicker than you can say LUCOZADE COLA but then it seems to go as quick.

Does it make you want to take another swig? Yeah I would say so and in some ways then it's doing it's job but with the bottle only being 380ml you're going to run out a bit quick and I guess it's how you feel at the end of the bottle that matters.

I did enjoy it though despite the fleeting taste. It's definitely on a par with Rockstar energy cola, which I would class as it's closest competitor, but I wouldn't be switching my regular cola hits to this.

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