Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Skittles Crazy-Cores

Not content by releasing a Facebook themed blue skittle into the wild the good folks at Skittles have tried their hand at another new product. Crazy Cores

At the heart of these is what sets them apart. A flavoured crispy sugar shell and a different but complimentary flavour in the core.

So what flavour combinations do we have and how do they fare?

Blue Raspberry Lemon :- Nice really nice. I enjoyed the blue raspberry flavour in general so 7/10
Cherry Lemonade :- 8 this is very good. Comparrisons could be made to the blue skittle but I think this isn't as 'out there' and might be more universally accepted 8/10
Mango Peach :- This is nice peach is again a very under used flavouring in the UK for some reason so it's nice to have that coming through 7/10
Melon Berry :- Maybe the flattest of the lot but still good. I think the problem is it's going to pale in comparrison to the next one
Strawberry Watermelon :- Sweet Jesus. Lord you heard my prayers. This is like Supernova in sweet form. Yeah ok it's maybe not at Mtn Dew Supernova levels of Caffeine but it tastes great. This sweet alone makes this a great product 10/10

Overall I'm going to give it a 8/10 I think I would reach for these ahead of traditional Skittles given the choice now

All in all I can say these are an excellent addition to the skittles range and seem popular with almost everyone I know who has tried them. Watermelon was hitting hard and seemed to be everyones favourites.

If you fancy getting your hand on a free packet head over to their Facebook page and enter the comp
I did and I just won a bloody packet. Yeah I'm that cool.

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