Monday, 10 October 2011

Walkers Sensation Goats Cheese and Monterry Chilli

After I posted my review of the Chipotle Sensations flavour (found here I was given a recommendation of the walkers twitter account. No nothing abusive but instead that I should check out the other new flavour, never one to be knowingly rude I decided I was going to get me some "Smoked Monterret Chilli with Goats Cheese"

Where to start? Well first and foremost I think they deserver a massive pat on the back for going out there again. Goats Cheese is a very distinctive and very strong flavour that often polarizes people so there's a real quandry to doing this. Doing it in the 1st place may rule out quite a few people but doing it wrong is going to leave you in no mans land.

I personally quite like Goats Cheese (you probably guessed that seeing as I bought a packet of crisps flavoured like it) so was keen to try them. Walkers have nailed this. The flavour is strong, really strong but it's authentic there's no watered down lets pander to people flavour this is a full hit of goats cheese.

How strong a goats cheese taste is it you ask? Let me fill your head with imagery

You are a troll. A troll whose dreams and aspirations have lead to nothing, You live under a bridge and it's not good and then one day a billy goat is crossing your bridge so you get all up in his business, too much up in his business and somehow his junk ends up brushing your face. Even that wouldn't be as goat cheesey as these crisps. Word.

The chilli addition is great as well it lends a really nice background heat to the creamy goats cheese glavour.

All round Winner.

If you like Goats Cheese you will more than likely love these crisps. Go get them

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