Monday, 24 October 2011

Rockstar Recovery

Rockstar Recovery you are a strange beast. Lemonade flavoured energy drink huh that's pretty weird I guess but whats that you're also non-carbonated? Shut your mouth.

That's right peeps Rockstar Recovery is a non-carbonated lemonade inspired energy drink. Run for the hills as the day of reckoning is upon us.

This is great. Seriously.

It tastes fantastic, it's quite understated but there is a genuine lemonade taste (they have added real lemon juice here so thumbs up) the only small problem was I did feel it sticking to the back of my throat a few times.

Heres the big thing though, this is hangover recovery fuel. It's not carbonated so if you're feeling a bit suspect the bubbles don't have to upset you too much. The flavour itself is sweet but not too strong and the energy kick isn't really there as the flavour is smooth and syrupy that the energy kick itself just kind of gets swallowed up.

This gets 5 Alans out of 5. As it's the perfect hangover fare

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