Monday, 10 October 2011

The Natural Confectionary Company Spooky Treats

Maybe I've gone mad but there's a lot of Halloween limited edition swag out there at the minute. We'll be getting to more of it in time I'm sure but I was in shopping and decided I needed a bit of a Halloween Pick me up.

Now we already had GPs review of Screme Eggs so I decided to steer clear of Cadburys Chocolate for a bit until I got over the rage that was induced by that product so I decided to go with a solid bet, a sure fire thing, a golden ticket :- That is the new Natural Confectionary Company product. (Which, and this may suprise a few people, is a Cadburys brand itself)

So this isn't a massive departure from their other products but just in a Halloween shape but it has enough good humour about it and nice shapes to make it work. The flavours are similar to that of the worms etc but in cute Halloween shapes

These should take pride of place in your trick and treat bowl at the end of the month.

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