Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Maine Attaboy Soft Drink

 We're reviewing another of Northern Irelands own soft drinks again from local Bottler Maine and why not in a week were Justin Beiber had 90% of belfast girls under the age of 16fizzing it seemed only appropriate (ie unlike that comment)

The name of this flavour is Attaboy...errr...yeah

No no they haven't gone full renegade on us and created a soft drink flavoured like an American dog food product

Or so I think.....

Yeah it says Colin on it.

Listen I don't know why but there is a mythical soft drink in Ireland. It's called Football Special and it roams the hills in Donegal eating Hikers. For some reason despite everyone claiming this to be the finest soft drink in the world it doesn't get sold outside of a 20 mile radius. It's like one of those big cats people always claim to spot in England to the point now that I'm not sure if it really exists. The Fizzness crew are in early stages of planning a road trip to pick it up but I have this incredibly odd feelin that Maine have tried to recreate it here. The wikipedia page indicates two flavours Bannana (which is probably reason enough to make a trip) and a secret blend of 7 flavours.

Now yes how can you now that this drink is like a drink you've never had? I don't. All I know is Mrs. Fizzness (she won't like being called that) was startled. Is that football special? It looks like Football Special. This paired with the fact this product is so secret it's not even listed on their website ( was getting me excited (It's probably because it's sold as a 'Colin' product)

Excited I bust open the bottle. The smell is crazy. It's like Cherry Irn Bru. I'm not kidding this smells delicious.

I pour it out and even by looking at it it seems more like something from an apothecary than a corner store. It's science going on in that glass. The flavour god well ok it's a mongrel of a flavour and we all know that mongrels are invariably the best of all worlds.

This is like a heady mix of cream soda, irn bru, cherry and and cola (red kola like the Skottish Kola we reviewed before) and together it works incredibly well.

This is highly recommended. If you can get your hands on some you owe it to yourself to try this out.


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